Unanimous SCOTUS Decision Sides with President Trump


Earlier today, we heard that the case of the Colorado Christian baker won against a gay couple who demanded he create a wedding cake for them. This was a case about “compelled government speech” and the baker won. That was a constitutional decision and it came in as 7-2. Another ruling today concerning an abortion for an illegal alien was unanimous in Trump’s favor.

The President is trying to return the country to the rule of law and it’s no easy task because liberals/leftists pervert the law to win. They mostly believe the ends justifies the means.

The Trump administration had been ordered to facilitate abortions for an illegal alien minor if she desired one. The Supreme Court tossed the lower court’s decision requiring that they do so.

Daily Caller reported that the five-page opinion did not deal with the merits of the dispute but ruled in favor of the administration’s request to vacate the prior ruling, a rule called Munsingwear vacatur.

It allows the case to become expunged if it is moot. It was because the illegal alien teen was pregnant and wanted the U.S. government to pay for her abortion.

The case, Azar v. Garza, went to the lower Court of Appeals who held that the government actions put an undue burden on the access to abortion.

That was a lie because she had already had the abortion on October 25th. Thus Munsingwear vacatur absolutely applied.

The administration had also asked the Court to sanction the [hard-left] ACLU for lying about the minor’s medical consultations but the Court declined to act on that request.

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