Unassimilated New Americans from Somalia to Lewiston, Maine


Democrats tell new immigrants not to assimilate, and they do it to destroy our culture. They don’t want us to remain the UNITED States. They want us to become the DIVERSE GLOBALIST States.

We can watch the Democrat ideology in action as it unfolds in Lewiston, Maine.


Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald recently commented to the BBC about a growing community of foreigners in the city who are not assimilating.

Members of the community immediately slammed him, calling for his resignation.

Macdonald later clarified his statements, telling WGME television: “When anybody comes here from any country, they have to embrace our culture. Now, do they have to give up their own culture at home? No. If they want to carry on you know, the Irish St. Patrick’s Day, the French, the Italians, everybody, they all keep their culture, but we all practice a unique culture, and that is an American culture that over 200 years has been developed.”

Somalis objected to his comments and want him removed from office.

“If you believe in (Somali culture) so much, why aren’t you over there fighting for it?” Macdonald said in the WGME interview. “If you believe in it so much, why aren’t you over there shedding your blood to get it? Why are you over here shirking your duties?

The Lewiston office of the far-left Maine People’s Alliance is gathering signatures and online support for a petition it plans to present to City Hall later this week.

The reason the Lewiston mayor made the comments is the Somalis who have poured in are not assimilating and are bringing their culture to Maine. Incidents like the one below take place in Kennedy Park regularly.

A mother with her children filmed the Somalis attacking the Maine residents. Witnesses at the park say the attack started when one of the victims asked one of the attackers to use a lighter for his cigarette.

Most folks say Lewiston is becoming little Somalia like Dearborn, Michigan. We are letting people in for the wrong reasons who want to change America, not join us. And that has nothing to do with the color of their skin for us, but it does for them.


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