Unbelievable: Iran Is off the Terrorism List and Assisting Obama in Defeating Congress


Update: 03/19/15: After a fury arose over the omission, The office of National Intelligence responded by saying they were left off in the printing. As former Ambassador Bolton said on Greta Van Susteren’s show last week, “It’s a flat lie.”

Remarkably, while negotiations with Iran are ongoing, the U.S. has removed Iran and Hizbollah from the terrorism list. At the same time, Iran is assisting Obama in his efforts to overstep the U.S. Congress.

Iran said Monday that any deal must go through the U.N. Security Council. In other words, They are putting the Obama administration in the position of having no choice but to go through the U.N. The administration said over the past week that they will ignore Congress and go to the U.N. for approval.

Obama won’t deal with the Congress but they will deal with our enemy.

The annual report on Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Communities was presented by CIA Director James Clapper in February and only recently made public with the information that Iran and Hezbollah have been taken off the terrorism list.

In 2014 and other prior years, both were listed as terrorist threats within the context of the Syrian civil war in addition to direct threats they pose to the US and its allies.

Iran is actually attempting to take over the region and will be ruling Iraq once they defeat ISIS but the reason for their removal from the terrorism list appears to be because of their efforts to fight ISIS.

The terrorism sections focuses on Sunni terrorists such as ISIS.

“The rise of ISIL has prompted Iran to devote more resources to blunting Sunni extremist advances that threaten Iran’s regional allies and interests. Iran’s security services have provided robust military support to Baghdad and Damascus, including arms, advisers, funding, and direct combat support.”

Iran continued to be listed as a threat in other areas of the report.

We are negotiating from a point of incredible weakness.

Leaks about the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran indicate that the U.S. is willing to accept a one-year breakout time, pursuit of advanced centrifuge research by Iran, and a sunset clause.

Arab allies are very worried about the deal and have already begun the process of obtaining nuclear weapons.

Kerry and Zarif

Tehran Times reported that 260 Iranian MPs issued a statement on Monday saying that an immediate removal of all sanctions and closing the Iran nuclear issue at the UN Security Council are the preconditions for a comprehensive nuclear agreement between Iran and the major powers.

What that means is the sanctions program will end. The West has no other options to defeat a terrorist Iran except war if the sanctions are removed. Once Obama gets the U.N. Security Council to agree, sanctions will be immediately removed and they will never be imposed again.

The administration has made it clear they will not go to Congress and will only seek the approval of the U.N. Iran is working cooperatively with Obama as he defeats the U.S. Congress.

The statement by Iranian MPs came as Iran and the U.S. started a new round of key talks in Lausanne on Sunday which are expected to last until Friday.

Iran also said Monday through The Tehran Times that they reserve the right to cancel the deal at any time if they feel the other side violates any of its commitments. They can claim anything is a violation once they have the sanctions removed and as they make business deals with corporations from around the world.

The U.S. will probably agree to an accelerated timetable on sanctions relief.

The U.S. is negotiating with itself. Iran isn’t giving up much which is why they are so eager to have this deal.

The statement also said that restoring the Iranian people’s nuclear rights and protecting the advances in nuclear technology based on the Non-Proliferation Treaty are among the Iranian people’s demands.

This is going to be the deal of the century for Iran. It also should be noted as an aside, that Hizbollah lobs bombs into Israel regularly and is plotting the demise of Israel.

Barack Obama appealed to Tehran five years ago and vowed to deal with them as if they were willing to deal on a level of mutual respect. They have never shown the U.S. respect but it hasn’t mattered.

Barack Obama sent an emissary, former Ambassador William G. Miller, to Tehran to negotiate during the 2008 campaign. He told Iran not to deal with George Bush.

According to Iran expert, Michael Ledeen, Barack Obama let Iran know that he agreed with Iran’s criticisms of the United States.

Barack Obama is negotiating with Iran, in part, because he agrees with them.


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