Unbelievable Low for Journalism & CNN’s Parkland Townhall


CNN’s Parkland Town Hall was honored with the Cronkite Award. This makes a complete joke out of the award and shows what a joke CNN’s Jake Tapper and his team are for accepting it.

They love patting themselves on the back and claiming credit for doing the opposite of what they say they are doing. That is Orwellian.

The award is for advancing the national conversation on gun control and violence.


It was vile, and divided the nation further. Are they truly this delusional?

Tom Elliott explained that during the ‘award-winning’ event, disgraced Sheriff Scott Israel was lauded as a hero. Dana Loesch was set up as a culprit, along with Marco Rubio who was called a school killer. Creepy Dems like Ted Deutsch were held up as heroes saving the day.

Tom Elliot, the co-founder of the crowdsource video company, Grabien, put some of the more interesting clips together from that disgraceful night.


  1. keep dividing and trampling on the foundation rights of this country and I have no doubt that millions of pissed off, angry and willing to go ballistic citizens will be doing more than tweeting. The general feeling in the country right now is a bit like a pressure cooker…..and those can really blow the heck out of things when the pressure gets out of control.

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