Unbelievable! Lyin’ Loretta Lynch Knew Well in Advance That Hillary Would Not Be Charged


Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson in an op-ed for The Hill reported that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch knew well in advance of the FBI Director Comey presser exonerating Hillary that she would not be charged. This is according to information given over to the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

The release of 384 pages of text messages to and from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page puts the lie to Loretta Lynch’s statement that she would accept Comey’s recommendation whatever it may be.

Both Comey and Lynch knew well in advance that Clinton would never face charges.

On July 1, 2016, as the Lynch announcement became public, Page texted Strzok: And yeah, it’s a real profile in couragw [sic], since she knows no charges will be brought.

Listen to her lie through her teeth. This was our top cop talking about the integrity of the DoJ:

Also revealed is that five months of messages from 12/14/16 to 5/17/17 are missing because of a glitch, a “technical error”. It’s Samsung’s fault. The Samsung 5 mobile devices didn’t automatically collect and retain.

Why should we believe them? The time period is crucial, from the very beginning of the Trump presidency.

It’s also suspicious given a text exchange in which they discussed concealing their messages.

Some messages suggest Strzok and Page intended to subvert rules governing preservation of their discussions about FBI matters. In April of 2016, Page texted: so look, you say we text on that phone when we talk about Hillary because it can’t be traced…

Senator Ron Johnson called the loss concerning.

Strzok was key in the Hillary Clinton exoneration letter and he interviewed Lt. Gen. Flynn, the interview which led to his conviction. Both Page and Strzok were members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Their investigation seemed timed with Trump’s ascendancy. On May 4, 2016 Strzok and Page had the following text message exchange:

Page: And holy shit Cruz just dropped out of the race. It’s going to be a Clinton Trump race. Unbelievable.

Strzok: What?!?!??

Page: You heard it right my friend.

Strzok: I saw trump won, figured it would be a bit…Now the pressure really starts to finish MYE…[midyear exam aka Clinton email investigation]

Page: It sure does. We need to talk about follow up call tomorrow.

They also edited the Clinton exoneration letter about this time, taking out all damaging information.

An FBI official also removed Obama’s name and substituted “another senior government official” in Hillary’s illicit email exchanges.

Page and Strzok also discussed an “insurance policy” in case Trump was elected. Page had texted Strzok that then-candidate Trump “simply can not [sic] be president.”

Former FBI Director Jim Comey, who is now going to teach a course in ethical leadership at William & Mary, also knew about the corrupt dealings being alleged in a yet-to-be-released 4-page memo with attachments compiled by Devin Nunes as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

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