Unbelievable: Obama Frees Terrorists, Including Lynne Stewart


President Obama has had a busy week releasing terrorists, three from GITMO, and one terrorist lawyer who was serving her sentence in a Texas prison.

The Obama administration sent three Uighers (pronounced Wee-Gurs) to Slovakia, incurring the ire of China who said ‘the suspects are members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a terrorist organization designated by the UN Security Council.’ They warned that the Uighurs are not only a threat to Chinese security but ‘they pose a threat to the recipient country.’

Obama has been releasing terrorists from GITMO in order to close the facility but it is completely inexplicable as to why he would release a terrorist lawyer, Lynne Stewart, for compassionate reasons when she, to this day, has expressed no remorse or compassion for her victims.

Lynne Stewart

Lynne Stewart upon her arrival in Manhattan. She gave a press conference to tell us all how happy she is.

In 1993, six people died and a thousand were injured during the bombing of the World Trade Center. The terrorist behind the attack, The Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman, was also behind the planned bombings of multiple military installations. He is guilty of a long list of terrorist activities, including 9/11.

The Sheik was convicted, imprisoned, and forbidden from receiving communications from the outside world.

His attorney, Lynne Stewart has called the Sheik the hero of the Muhajadeen. She not only smuggled messages from him to his al-Qaida group, she facilitated meetings between the Sheik and his lieutenants by posing as a translator in a lawyer-client meeting. Stewart has no remorse for her crimes. She bragged publicly that she ‘would do it again.’

After one of her messages was sent out, over 60 people were slaughtered by members of the Sheik’s organization in Luxor, Egypt. A message was left in the slit torso of one female victim demanding the Sheik be released.

The Blind Sheik was inspiration for Osama bin Laden and according to bin Laden, the Sheik gave the Fatwa for 9/11.

As an aside, Mohammed Morsi, Obama’s ally, demanded the release of the Blind Sheik last year, and Obama did consider it, sending out trial balloons about the possibility.

Eric Holder was behind the clemency for the FALN terrorists and he undoubtedly played a role in this release as well.

Lynne Stewart, who has cancer, was imprisoned for her crimes and for lying under oath. It was an airtight case. She is guilty beyond any doubt. She was supposed to remain in prison until 2018. She was released after a request was made by the Obama administration.

Stewart said she didn’t want to die in a cold, loveless place.  It’s too bad she didn’t have the same sympathy for her victims. She is a terrorist and now she is free thanks to Mr. Obama who has an affinity for terrorists and dictators.

Stewart has about a year-and-a-half to live and will live her days in peace, something she denied her victims.

Footage of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing:

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