Unbridled Power! Hillary to Be Found Innocent!


Major networks are reporting that Hillary will be found innocent! CNN has reported on three separate occasions, one only last week that Mrs. Clinton is of course innocent and no charges are expected.

Chuck Todd said no charges are coming down against Mrs. Clinton after an exclusive phone interview with the former secretary of state on Saturday.

MSNBC is reporting that she will face no charges of any kind. This announcement was made during Todd’s show on MSNBC Saturday afternoon.

Four female prosecutors, all Democrats, will decide Hillary’s fate: Lesley Caldwell, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, and Valerie Jarrett. They will decide her guilt.

If a Special Prosecutor were appointed, it would take two years to wade through all this.

On Tuesday, Barack Obama, who, somehow, strangely, enjoys 56% popularity among the American people despite trashing the Constitution and corrupting the legal process for eight years, will campaign with her.

Part of Hillary’s genius can be seen in how she has handled the case. She has been out in front of it and has lied about it to protect herself. She has made everyone in the White House, including the president of the United States complicit in it because they all knew what she was doing and she told the world they all knew.

The sources declaring her innocent offer no attribution.

The investigation has been misreported by the media networks and by Hillary Clinton as a “security review” though FBI Director Jim Comey has made it clear there is no such thing. They investigate criminal cases.

via NBC News

Hillary Clinton could be elected and then face charges and imprisonment. The president could even pardon Hillary or he could trot out Joe Biden who he prefers.

Donald Trump responded:



  1. This isn’t surprising. I really think it will take a military coup to straighten out our country. Washington simply doesn’t work any more..

  2. Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s advisor, not a prosecutor. I guess this propoganda trying to influence the jury

    • Yes, of course you’re right. She is a lawyer who will help make the decision so from that perspective, she serves the role in some way. I think that decision has been made.

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