Uncle Joe links wife-beating to white men, demands white culture change


Anti-white racism is going to be a staple of the campaign season which has already begun. Joe Biden has kicked it off by linking wife-beating to white men, especially white men of European ancestry. He insists white men must change their culture. Biden seems to think wife-beating is systemic to white men’s culture.

It’s a winner for pandering Democrat candidates running for President. White men will be pinãtas. Identity politics requires a common enemy to work and they’re it.

Joe Biden made his comments while speaking at an event about combating sexual assault on college campuses. He convicted Justice Thomas again, exploiting the unproven accusations against the Justice by Anita Hill decades ago, seemingly for the purposes of self-promotion.

Crazy Uncle Joe told the audience:

“In the 1900s so many women were dying at the hands of their husbands because they were chattel, just like the cattle, or the sheep, that the court of Common Law decided they had to do something about the extent of the deaths. You know what they said? No man has a right to chastise his woman with a rod thicker than the circumference of his thumb. This is English Jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture. It’s got to change. It’s got to change,” Biden said.

So white man’s culture is one that allows wife-beating? The sanctimonious fraud is talking about obscure English law that was put on the books hundreds of years ago [1685]. Biden is still a dishonest broker.

He also commented on frat boys. His comments coincide with the fake leftist mantra that there is a scourge of white men raping women on college campuses.

“If you see a brother taking an inebriated co-ed up the stairs at a fraternity house and you don’t go and stop it, you’re a damn coward,” he continued. “You don’t deserve to be called a man.”


“No man has a right to lay a hand on a woman, no matter what she’s wearing, she does, who she is, unless it’s in self-defense. Never,” Biden also said.

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