Uncle Joe’s Fables



The Democratic primary is about to shift to a new favorite. Support is about to go from a liar who put national security at risk for her own personal expediency to a plagiarizer, Joe Biden. Word has it he’d be a formidable opponent for any Republican. We can probably expect Warren would be the VP nominee. The Biden-Warren team has been described as a “Dream Team.”


NBC hyped Joe Biden’s powwow this weekend with anti-Capitalist, faux Native-American Elizabeth Warren as ‘electrifying.’

Joe is preparing to run for the presidency.

Democrats need a Plan B because Plan A might be headed for the Big House instead of the White House.

Joe is Plan B.

Polls show that 58% of the public trusts Uncle Joe but they might not once his baggage is dredged up and he has plenty of it.

Biden announced his candidacy for president of the United States in June 1987 and was considered one of the potentially strongest candidates in the field. However, in September 1987, newspaper stories stated he had plagiarized a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock. Other allegations of past law school plagiarism and exaggerations of his academic record soon followed.

As it turned out, he was counterfeiting many of his speeches from famous people such as Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy.

Biden withdrew from the race later that month.

Biden was fully involved in the Benghazi cover up.

Four people died between the Benghazi consulate and the safe house, but that didn’t stop Joe Biden from lying about the events at Benghazi during the debates. Biden claimed the officials in Libya never asked for more security.

In fact, testimony at the House hearings proved that security personnel pleaded for more security in Benghazi only to have their security detail reduced.

Biden tried to blame the intelligence community for not knowing that the Benghazi attack was due to a protest over an obscure movie trailer that few knew existed. That statement was debunked by CIA director James Clapper who said he told the White House and the State Department that it was a terrorist attack by enemy operatives from the onset.

Biden also said that Catholics will not have to violate their conscience over the HHS mandate. The Catholic Bishops came out the next day and said that Biden’s statements were false. Biden’s a Catholic.

Biden said he did not vote for the wars, but he did in fact vote for the wars in 2001 and 2002.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s allies in the left are throwing her under the bus, starting with Josh Earnest, though many think that’s nothing to complain about.  She should be thankful she’s not in jail.

He thinks that selecting Joe Biden as VP was the smartest decision he ever made in politics.


I leave you with this.

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