Unelected Bureaucrats Run the Government – This Can’t Exist in a Constitutional Republic


Jay Sekulow has written a new book about the unelected government bureaucrats who are now running the government and our lives. It’s called Undemocratic. He discussed it on Lou Dobbs show today and their discussion should be of interest to all Americans.

A government run by unelected minions of the political party in power can’t exist in a constitutional Republic and we are at a very dangerous point in history.

What Hillary Clinton is doing with her emails is what the government is doing – engaging in a slow, endless roll-out of small numbers of meaningless emails, the hiding of documentation, destroying them, not letting them become discoverable, expecting us to get bored in time. It will be old news by the time we find out what’s going on if we find out at all.

Bureaucracy is impersonal, indifferent to law and public interest and is in fact aligned with Democratic leaders. The State Department is a rogue government unto itself as are the IRS, the Department of the Interior, the EPA and so on.

They are all unaccountable and there is currently no balance of government.

The agencies run the government, not Congress, not the president, and not the SCOTUS. They are passing more laws that pose as rules than Congress and they are dangerously in lock-step with the government. This scenario becomes oppressive and totalitarian.

About illegal immigration, both Jay Sekulow and Lou Dobbs believe that there is an inconsistency of our elected representatives who are on the one-hand dispensing their constitutional powers over the trade deal while arguing in court that amnesty violates their powers. They are failing us.

Sekulow hopes and believes the SCOTUS will come up with the right decision.

Politics are overriding the constitution. This is extremely dangerous for left, right and center.

Impatient presidents do not get to change the law on their own but Obama believes he does and he currently is.

He was also on Glenn Beck.



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