Unhinged Dem Says There’s Evidence Trump Is a Russian Agent


This next clip from CNN is disgusting. There is not one bit of evidence at this point to justify a word Senator Mark Warner is saying to host Jake Tapper.


CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Warner if he thought Trump was wittingly or unwittingly an agent of the Russians.

“Jake, I think the earlier evidence this week, where the president’s campaign manager – and we’re unaware whether the president knew – where the president’s campaign manager, at whose direction turned over confidential polling data to a known Russian agent, a known Russian agent, who has ties to Putin,” Warner said. “Why would you turn over that information?”

There was no evidence presented this week, none. What the NYT and Democrats are trying to do is accuse, prosecute, and convict in the press as they did with Justice Kavanaugh.

On Friday, the NYT used inflammatory language from an unnamed source to spread rumors. They want you, the reader, to think they have evidence when close inspection of their ‘proof’ shows there is no evidence.

Warner referenced the unproven, partially-debunked NY Times report claiming Paul Manafort gave polling data to Russians. One of the three authors of that story corrected it.  They made a MAJOR MISTAKE. Ukrainians received the data, not Russians. No one in the public sphere even knows what polling data it was if it’s factually accurate at all. We ARE talking about the NYT here.

“We don’t know the answer to that, yet I would hope that Mueller has got more indication. But it is a very real question,” Warner concluded.

He is a bald-faced lie, and no better than a gossip columnist or conspiracy theorist.



It was Warner who texted a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch to get in touch with Christopher Steele who wrote the fabricated ‘dossier.’

Warner is the one who admitted the Russian trolls weren’t favoring one party over another.

The other point to be made is it is Warner who is the totalitarian, the hack, and the threat. He did well in business, but, he says modern capitalism doesn’t work for enough people. Warner’s got his.

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4 years ago

why anyone listens to either cnn or that idiot mark warner is beyond me. neither one of them tell the truth about anything, especially if Trump is involved. cnn is a disgrace to journalism and warner is just a disgrace to the human race.

Jim Ratliff
Jim Ratliff
4 years ago

Not sure if I heard it while watching an old Charlie Chan movie or watching one of the first Law & Order series, but the tune is something like this, if you tell a lie, you must repeat it until others believe it to be the truth, but never believe the lie yourself, it will be your downfall.