Unhinged Democrats Call for a Coup After Trump Plays Good Cop with Putin


#ImpeachTrump is trending on twitter, the Democrat media, and Congress are completely unhinged because Trump played Good Cop with Russian President Putin during the press conference Monday. If only they felt the same when Barack Obama actually gave away the store to Putin. Insofar as we know, the President did not change one policy. All we got today was some rhetoric.


Former President Obama gave $1.7 billion in cash and gold to Iran in the dark of night, sending it on a Revolutionary Guard plane. He arranged for about $30 billion in sanctions relief for the bad nuke deal, knowing the money would, at least in part, be used for terrorism. He also gave Iran the okay to go nuclear.

Obama oversaw the handing over of a US uranium mine to Russia and he gave away the missile defense system in Eastern Europe for nothing in return. It was all part of the failed reset.

It was under Obama’s watch that Putin took over Crimea, and, oddly, that’s when Obama saw fit to disarm the Ukrainians.

Obama gave Putin free rein in the countries of Georgia and Syria. His redlines were a joke.

He even issued a stand down order.

Let’s not forget his apology tours throughout the world.

All of that didn’t cause a stir among these same crazed individuals bellowing about Trump being a “wet noodle” or even a “traitor”.

Few cared when Obama betrayed America and ran around the world apologizing for us, telling the world we are guilty.

Now that the President didn’t verbally pummel Putin, the left, the media, and the RINOs are outraged. This is their opportunity to get out the vote for the leftist establishment. One thing about RINOs — they prefer the leftist establishment to no establishment.

That doesn’t mean the Sentinel agrees with the way the President handled it, it’s just not that terrible.


House Democrats, in addition to calling for impeachment, appear to want a coup of some kind. Rep. Steve Cohen denied this tweet is a call for a coup but why call on the military? Cohen has already tried to impeach him

General Comey wants some kind of stand. Why would anyone listen to Comey on anything? He’s a liar who violated his oath of office.

This next tweet is really rich. Communist-loving John Brennan is calling the President “treasonous”. He clearly doesn’t know the definition of treason in the Constitution. He would fit that description better than Trump ever could.


RINOs and John McCain came out to join with the Democrats in trashing the President as he tries to improve relations with Russia, perhaps clumsily.

Not agreeing with his approach is one thing, acting unhinged as these people are is something else.

Sen. McCain issued a statement, calling today’s press conference “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory. The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate.” He called it a “tragic mistake”.


McCain called the President “unable” and “unwilling” to stand up to Putin.Then he called it worse than “pathetic”. The senator from Arizona also used this as an opportunity to condemn the President’s concerns about the EU who he sees as our “foes” on trade.

He concluded that “no prior president has abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.” Sen. McCain used other adjectives like “bombastic”, “erratic”, “blunders”, and “capitulations”.

The media is beyond enraged. It’s their moment and they’re running with it. It’s just more Trump hate.




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