Unhinged Dems Fret Over Too Many Black Men Voting for Republicans


The left is wondering why so many blacks are voting for Republicans and they want it to stop. Maybe black men are voting Republican because the left has done nothing for them for decades?

WaPo, in particular, wants to know what’s going on. They don’t want any black men voting for anyone but Democrats. Black men must not leave the Democrat swamp.

WaPo columnist Vanessa Williams is concerned that 11 percent of black men voted for Brian Kemp over [socialist] Stacey Abrams. She said that black men “were not so much rejecting Abrams as embracing the conservative messages of rugged individualism and free-market economics.”

Perish the thought! And after all that brainwashing!

Maybe they just don’t like socialism. Williams didn’t mention black women. More black women voted for Ron DeSantis in Florida than the men in Georgia. What about that, huh?

A few responses:



  1. This kind of trend absolutely terrifies Democrats. The jump of 3,4,5,6 percentage points among Blacks for Republicans could turn a whole lot of races in favor of the GOP. Georgia and Fla. are perfect examples.

  2. If I am understanding this article clearly, it is stating that African-American men like me are Freedmen who who have opted to vote for Republicans… members of the party that was founded by 54 anti-slavery activists? If I am correct, I am FREED AT LAST!

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