UNHINGED! Don Lemon goes bonkers as he attacks an anti-Trumper guest


On Saturday, Don Lemon came out with his new racist term, ‘white terrorism.’ Fresh off that weirdness, Don Lemon went off the rails with guest Cliff Sims whom he called “delusional.” Basically, Lemon wouldn’t let Sims talk and berated him for saying things he never said.

Sims is the author of the best-seller “Team of Vipers,” about the Trump White House and Lemon thought he was simply going to trash the President. Instead, he tried to present a measured response.

That sent crazy Lemon into making false accusations, like accusing Sims of saying, “the president’s words don’t matter.” Sims never said that, but Lemon kept talking over him, interrupting, and ignoring Sims, pretending he did.

At one point, Sims challenged Lemon to provide an example of Trump “being a white supremacist.”

“I never called the president a white supremacist,” Lemon claimed. “So you’re watching the wrong program or you’re not hearing what I’m saying. What I have called the president is a racist,” the CNN anchor said. “When you call nations ‘s—hole countries,’ when you call African-American players ‘sons of b–hes,’ when you say there are ‘fine people on both sides,’ when you lie about it afterwards –”

Actually, there are sh**hole countries and the U.S. has some “sh**hole” cities thanks to people like him.

Ironically, he accused his guest of “contributing” to the political divide by attempting to present a measured approach.

Don Lemon still claims the President said there were good white supremacists in Charlottesville. The Charlottesville tale is a hoax and we’re sick of liars like Lemon repeating it over and over. Read about that here.

As far as white supremacy, Lemon has accused Trump of trying to “whitewash white nationalism.” He has called him “straight savage.” Ole Don constantly accuses Trump of winking and nodding at white supremacists. In Lemon didn’t call him a white supremacist specifically, he sure suggested it. Don’s a nasty guy.

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4 years ago

Lemon, and his behavior with this guest, is a perfect example of how the left deals with anyone who tries to present a measured point re: Trump, or anyone they don’t agree with.
The leftist will interrupt, not allowing any discussion to proceed if it is opposing their ideology and their hate of anything having to do with Trump.
Juan Williams(FOX news) is another who comes to mind who employs this tactic when confronted with truth and facts.