Unhinged Elizabeth Warren Is in China Undermining US-North Korea Talks


On the eve of a possible breakthrough with North Korea, fake Native-American Elizabeth Warren was in South Korea last week, and is now in Beijing, undermining the President of the United States. She is damaging more than the President. By doing so, she is intentionally sabotaging the upcoming North Korean talks in her conversations with their key Communist ally — China.

It is unprecedented and, while she is promoting herself for her future run for the presidency, she is also damaging U.S. relations abroad.

She told Chinese officials, “This has been a chaotic foreign policy in the region and that makes it hard to keep the allies that we need to accomplish our objectives closely stitched-in.”

We don’t yet know what else she said but it won’t be good. President Trump has been effective in the region. If anyone is chaotic, it’s Socialist Warren.

Warren is stepping in overseas while we don’t have a secretary of state, exploiting what she sees as an opportunity. Others might see it as a betrayal.

Reporter Griff Jenkins said on Fox & Friends, “You can’t help but see this through a political prism, that she is trying to go overseas and undermine what are significant and very important relations and negotiations going on right now.”

Warren doesn’t have much in the way of foreign policy experience, in fact, she has none. This is what she thinks substitutes for foreign policy expertise.

The fake Indian is apologizing when there is nothing to apologize for to hurt the administration of the United States. And, she is doing it to hurt the President.

She has been on a tweetstorm, acting as if she were qualified to be the leader of the free world. Warren has no business being over there.

Not so long ago, she compared the U.S. to China and said we had to be more like Communist China on infrastructure. Democrats really like Communist nations.


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