Unhinged Former WH Aide Omarosa Has a Book That’s Tanking Fast


According to the Washington Post, the sales of Omarosa’s book, Unhinged, have dropped 40 percent since the book’s debut.

The woman herself will soon tank. Who would trust her? That goes for people on the right or left. She’s betrayed both.

The tell-all was released on Aug. 14 and had a nice opening week partly due to a media blitz that had Omarosa dropping tapes of secretly recorded conversations she had with Trump’s staff and Trump himself.

The President calling attention to her book also drove sales.

On a whirlwind two-week TV tour, she made some very outlandish claims. She lied and misled a number of times. She was nasty to one host and CNN wants no part of her regardless of what anti-Trump scandals she wants to share.

Omarosa claimed Trump was a racist who used the n-word [she gave many different versions of that story but no proof]. The disgraced aide said that Trump’s mental health was in decline and that he’s a mess who may have cheated on his wife with more women.

She claimed Melania was being held hostage in the White House. If the First Lady left him while he’s in office, Trump was allegedly threatening to deport her parents. Omarosa also said he “covets” his daughter. Oh, and she claimed Trump wanted to be sworn in on his book, The Art of the Deal, instead of the Bible.

She was getting more and more desperate and her claims grew more and more absurd to conform to every lie put out by the media from their ‘sources’.

There’s not much left to share and that might be it for her book. But, knowing the hate the NY Times has for Trump, they will likely put it on the bestseller list no matter what happens.

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