Unhinged Go Bonkers as US Dumps UN Human Rights Council of Thugs


As we reported on June 16th, the U.S. is withdrawing from the U.N. Human Rights Council and it’s now official. The organization of rapists, murderers, and thieves will have to survive without U.S. funds.

Nikki Haley called the UN Human Rights Council a “mockery.” Mike Pompeo says it’s “ a massive embarrassment.”

The Human Rights Council members include Iran, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Congo, China, and others. It is these human rights abusers who sit in judgment of other country’s human rights records.

The Council has condemned the U.S. and Israel for their human rights abuses – two tolerant and liberal countries. However, these same critics never notice the beheadings, gay killings, abuse of women by their other members.

The hard-left NAACP continually betrays their own country and goes to the Council to complain about voters’ rights or some other trumped up leftist issue.

The withdrawal drew the ire of the left-wing nutjobs

Nikki Haley and Nick Pompeo angered all the right people.

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