Unhinged Kathy Griffin’s Vile Response to Ivanka’s Compassionate Tweet


Has-been “comic” Kathy Griffin thinks it’s funny to appear in a photo-shoot holding the severed head of President Trump while ISIS is at its pinnacle. So you won’t be surprised to hear that she outdid even that vile performance with her latest attack on Ivanka Trump.

This ‘comic’ suggested the President’s sons are rapists and she backed up the vile Samantha [C]Bee when she attacked Ivanka for posting a beautiful photo of her with her small child.

Griffin’s off to crazyville once again.

After the tragic suicide of fashion designer Kate Spade, Ivanka Trump posted a compassionate tweet. She probably also related to Ms. Spade because she too is successful in the fashion design industry.

Kate Spade died Tuesday morning in her New York City apartment and was found by the help. Her husband was in the apartment and her daughter was at school. She left a note but the contents were not revealed. She was remarkable and built up an enormous empire with women’s handbags and other fashion products.

Ivanka took to Twitter to express her sadness and urged people in danger of harming themselves to seek help.

She tweeted: “Kate Spade’s tragic passing is a painful reminder that we never truly know another’s pain or the burden they carry,” she wrote. “If you are struggling with depression and contemplating suicide, please, please seek help.”

You would have to be a lunatic to find fault with that tweet, wouldn’t you?

Using Samantha Bee’s word, “feckless” [Bee called Ivanka a “feckless c***t”], Griffin responded to Ivanka by tweeting: “You’re all talk feckless, you’re all talk.”

In another tweet she wrote: “If someone is feckless does that mean they have no feck? So when it comes to Ivanka can I say she’s all talk and no feck?”

That is not the reaction of a normal or a nice person. She is using the sad death of a woman to attack someone who expressed kindness.

She is so full of hate, she doesn’t even know that this says more about her than it ever could about Ivanka Trump.

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