Unhinged Leftists Rail Against Trump For Tweeting China Stole US Drone


Sean Spicer, an RNC spokesperson, said he was shocked people are knocking Trump for tweeting what happened with China stealing our drone.

“Well, it’s a fact. I mean, it’s a fact. He tweeted out what happened. Something that was reported in the media yesterday. I’m somewhat shocked that people are surprised that he’s tweeting exactly what happened. China came along, took an asset of the United States government’s and brought it to China. I think Mr. Trump is rightly expressing the concerns and frustrations of our government right now — or just as a citizen, frankly. I think we should all be outraged and I don’t think it’s anything different than reported in the media yesterday.”

He shouldn’t be shocked. The media and the left will rip apart everything Trump does, whether it’s good or bad.

Yesterday, CBS News played down the stealing of the drone though it was an act of war. They turned it into an attack on Trump for speaking with Taiwan, though China is clearly showing disdain for Barack Obama.

This was Donald Trump’s tweet.

Here are a few examples of responses from the everyday leftist:

Trump is right with the next tweet. China took all the intel off the drone by now, so what’s the point? Trump was being sarcastic of course but CBS News took it seriously by design and then mocked him for a misspelling “unprecedented’ as “unpresidented”, which is something the leftists love to do.

A misspelling to them is a reason to denigrate the entire argument if it’s a Republican that is. Remember they destroyed presidential candidate Dan Quayle for misspelling ‘potato’ while correcting a student who spelled it correctly. If that had been Obama and his “57 states” or Uncle Joe counting a three letter word – “jobs”, it would merely be ignored or be considered funny by the media and the other leftists.

Here is an example of one comment in response to that.


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