Unhinged Maxine Waters rages our NATION IS IN PERIL!


Maxine Waters is livid over Attorney General Bill Barr’s comments before the Mueller report was released. She believes he is in the tank for the President she calls ’45’. She is very angry that Barr was sympathetic to the President’s justifiable lashing out. Waters says that’s not Barr’s job although Democrats thought it was when Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder were in charge. That being said, she issued a statement raging about it, insisting the nation is in peril.

Maxine’s unhinged.

“I am utterly disgusted, but not surprised, by William Barr’s shameful performance this morning,” she said in her statement. “He was clearly acting for an audience of one: his puppet master, Donald Trump. It should shock no one that Barr would use his office to hold a public relations event to further obscure the facts of Mueller’s report before the public and Congress had the opportunity to review it.”

Barr Is a Liar and a Fraud?

She claims Barr is a “liar and fraud.” Waters and all her fellow leftists will now attempt to destroy the reputation of a man who has lived all these years with an impeccable reputation.

“Between his initial spin last month and today’s press conference, Barr has proven himself to be a very capable liar and fraud,” she continued. “Michael Cohen used to be known as Donald Trump’s fixer, but now it’s Bill Barr. Barr today again misrepresented Mueller’s findings and manufactured conclusions that were not reflected in the full report. I never had any confidence in Barr, but two things are clear after his press conference: Mueller must testify before Congress and Barr must be cast out of government along with this President and his accomplices.”

Trump is a “puppet master and Bill Barr is his “fixer?” Really? Oh, but wait, didn’t Robert Mueller the great say there was no evidence of collusion? Wasn’t it Mueller who wouldn’t charge the President with obstruction?

Our Nation Is In Peril?

Waters went on to warn that Congress’ failure to impeach Trump would “imperil” the nation.

“At this point, Congress’ failure to impeach is complacency in the face of the erosion of our democracy and constitutional norms,” she said. “Congress’ failure to impeach would set a dangerous precedent and imperil the nation as it would vest too much power in the Executive Branch and embolden future officeholders to further debase the U.S. presidency, if that’s even possible.

It is funny hearing her extreme blather after we just heard that Sarah Sanders must be fired for one single exaggerated statement about “countless” agents not valuing Jim Comey’s leadership.

The real danger imperiling our nature is the corrupt press and our corrupt executive agencies which Bill Barr plans to straighten out.


The Mueller report, as biased as it was, not only cleared the President of criminal conduct, but also pointed to inaccurate news stories by our elite media.

BuzzFeed and McClatchy are dangerous

Both BuzzFeed and McClatchy each added editor’s notes to two stories following the publication of the Mueller report, which also contradicted an explosive CNN report and called into further question a bombshell story in The Guardian.

BuzzFeed inaccurately claimed a Russian weightlifter was a go-between in the Trump-Putin conspiracy. It wasn’t true.

Mueller’s report contradicted a BuzzFeed story claiming the President ordered Michael Cohen to lie. That wasn’t true.

The Guardian’s a Joke

The Mueller report contained no evidence to support an explosive, but thinly sourced, article in The Guardian. The Guardian’s article alleged that former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort visited WikiLeaks head Julian Assange three times between 2013 and 2016, including once around the time he joined Trump’s campaign.

The article, which was shared more than 100,000 times across the internet, attributed the bombshell claim to unnamed sources. It’s not true, they’ve known for some time it’s not true, and they haven’t taken it down.

McClatchy, a news company with 29 newspapers under its umbrella, added editor’s notes to two Trump-Russia stories in response to the Mueller report’s release.

Both McCatchy stories claimed that Mueller had evidence that Cohen traveled to Prague during the 2016 campaign, a key claim in the salacious but inaccurate Trump-Russia dossier.

Not true!

CNN’s a Bigger Joke

A bombshell CNN report on the June 2016 meeting that Trump Jr., Manafort and Jared Kushner attended with Russian nationals was flawed as well, Mueller’s report confirms.

The CNN story said that Cohen claimed “then-candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

That wasn’t true either.

Mueller appears to have ignored the fake stories by The Washington Post and the NY Times.

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3 years ago

Take note of all the screaming banshees and full throated nutjobs on the left now that the “Report” is released. Reminds me of the caterwauling and gnashing of teeth after the ’16 election. Neither event went the way the lefties had expected.
Now that Barr is going to investigate the origins of the initial faux reason for launching the witch hunt, the screaming should increase in volume and pitch.
Why would that be? Cuz if Barr digs too deep, just below the surface, he may find some of the usual clowns having a hand in kicking it all off.
That would not look good for the left. At all. Indictments for a number of the top dims would be a welcome gift.
Oh, by the way, looking at Vol. II of the “report” as an op-ed fit for the NYT explains a lot. Definitely nothing of any substance nor evidence of anything but rumors and innuendoes. Perfect for the NYT and the Post.

3 years ago

Hope she doesn’t have a stroke. Well . . . . . 😉

3 years ago

This criminal.should be in front of.a.firing squad

Marilyn Renee Crawford

I would think that what will put our nation in ‘peril,’ will be the attempt to divide Jerusalem. It is God’s throne and not designed for man’s tampering. Our president and his son in law have no idea the viper’s nest awaiting them, then, ulitimately, us. And it won’t come from man.

3 years ago

Our Nation Is In Peril?

Has been ever since our schools were integrated.

3 years ago
Reply to  Alej

That wasn’t the problem. It happened when we took God out od the classroom in the early 1960’s and we have been on the skids since then.

Glenn Festog
Glenn Festog
3 years ago
Reply to  Freeland_Dave

That accelerated the process, but it started long before hand. Offering the following as proof: