Unhinged Pelosi Demands “Hate-Filled” “White Supremacist” Stephen Miller Be Removed


Stephen Miller, senior policy adviser to Donald Trump, verbally beat up Jake Tapper during an interview Sunday and it was effective in one way certainly – it sent bats**t crazy Nancy Pelosi off the deep end. She called him a “white supremacist” who still has “the ear of Trump” and labeled him as one of those supremacists who “are shaping national policy through their hate-filled lenses.”

She said “that means Stephen Miller…must be removed”. Funny, that’s what many of us think about her.

To hard-left, open borders Pelosi, an organized, orderly system of immigration is hate personified.

What set her off is Stephen Miller took on Jake Tapper until Tapper cut his mic. He did what all Democratic strategists do when they go on Fox — he talked over Tapper and pummeled him with compliments about Donald Trump while bashing Tapper’s network. That was a great reversal for a change.

The discussion began with Miller talking about the gossip book authored by discredited Michael Wolff,  which Miller described as “trash through and through”.

During the conversation, Miller said CNN is running “24/7 with salacious coverage” of the Trump administration, a claim Tapper rejected.

Midway through the conversation, it became heated. Miller wasn’t directly answering questions and instead ate up time complimenting the President.

“I’m sure he’s watching and he’s happy that you said that,” Tapper said condescendingly.

Miller picked up on it and said, “You can be as condescending as you want, it’s part of your MO…you have 24 hours of negative, anti-Trump, hysterical coverage on this network that led in recent weeks to some spectacularly embarrassing false reporting from your network,” Miller said. “This isn’t a court room — I have the right to speak.”

“Stephen, Stephen, settle down, calm down,” Tapper replied.

Tapper wanted to know, among other things, if Bannon was a key player in the administration and the answer from Miller was that Bannon’s role was greatly exaggerated. Miller just wanted to complain about CNN and report on Trump’s successes.

Tapper wanted to corner him on some issues but he did let him talk.

Miller called Tapper “hysterical”.

Tapper then resorted to a few nasty insults.

“I get it. There’s one viewer you care about right now,” Tapper said, referring to Trump. “You’re being obsequious, you’re being a factotum in order to please him, OK? And I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time.”

To be fair, Miller did filibuster, but it was good to see someone put Tapper down.

The replies to Mrs. Pelosi were funny. Here are a few:

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