Unhinged Potty-Mouthed Kathy Griffin Threatens Alan Dershowitz


Kathy Griffin is fighting with retired Harvard law professor and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz on Twitter. It’s hard to say if it’s over yet. She is getting a lot of support from her vulgar, hate-filled supporters in the Twitter sewer who are insulting his age, looks, and character.

She picked the fight when Mr. Dershowitz wrote a seemingly innocuous comment in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. “Because Mueller’s report is a prosecutor’s product, it will inevitably be one-sided. Trump ought to be allowed to respond.”

It hardly seems like a reason to spill hateful venom at the author, but anyone who supports the President in any way is her enemy.

She tweeted at him that Trump could “respond from prison”, adding, “Hopefully, you’ll be there with him after you’re convicted for statutory rape.”

She’s referencing an unproven rumor that while serving as attorney for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, Dershowitz had sex with a minor Epstein was trafficking.

Dershowitz was angry and responded by calling her a bigot and linking to an article in which he clears himself of that accusation.

“For bigots like you even innocence is not a defense. See attached letter,” he tweeted in reply. He linked to a column he wrote over the weekend to debunk that accusation.


She was shocked to be called a bigot although she is biased against everyone on the right and anyone who supports the right. Griffin hates police — she supports Antifa over police, attacks black comedians who don’t trash Trump, spreads lies, and is very bigoted against old, white men.

She wanted to know why he called her a bigot. Griffin assumed he was calling her a racist. He responded by doubling down on defending Epstein and explained it doesn’t mean he has those values, only that Epstein is entitled to the best counsel he can get.

“You’re not only a bigot. You have no understanding of the constitutional right to counsel. I didn’t represent Epstein in his settlement, only in his criminal case. I’m proud to have done so & will continue to represent even the most despised accused, as the constitution mandates,” he wrote.


Griffin tweeted: “Do not make me send Claus von Bülow over. Because you know I will. Now get back to your so-called job you fucking hack.”

Von Bülow was a British/Danish wife killer. She was seemingly threatening to kill the retired but still renowned lawyer.

As it turns out, Dershowitz was referring to her as a sexist bigot.

“Sexist, not racist,” he tweeted. “A sexist bigot is one who believes that all women but no men tell the truth. She believes a woman who is a proven liar over conclusive evidence presented by myself. That’s sexist bigotry.”

Griffin is a feminist who railed against Justice Kavanaugh, telling everyone to believe the woman even though there was no evidence and the Justice was not given due process. She also went after Chief of Staff/ret. General John Kelly, falsely claiming he beat his wife.


After Mr. Dershowitz explained, it set her off for no conceivable reason. She decided to insult his brain. Hmm…one might wonder about the condition of hers.

She also has the Christmas spirit of a foul-mouthed grinch.


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