Unhinged Race-Baiter Cory Booker Uses DHS Secretary as His Whipping Boy


Presidential hopeful Cory Booker, an unhinged bloviator, took full advantage of the opportunity to showboat and pretend he was outraged at President Trump’s alleged “s***hole” comment allegedly made during the DACA hearing. The DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen explained prior to the assault by the grandstanding Booker that everyone in the room was using “tough language” and several were using “cuss words”.

Booker praised the DREAMers and the foreigners in his state because it’s very “personal to me”, he claimed. It is actually because they are his future voters.

While he is shedding his tears of rage, Booker should take it personally that his district had the third-highest murder rate in the USA.

The race baiting opportunist pandered to the white left who allegedly saved him from the evil whites: “I sit here now because good white people in this country heard bigotry or hatred…there were white Americans from Bergen County who banded together to fight against racism to fight against hate speech to fight against people who had broad brush generalities about people based upon their ethnicities.”

All the left does is judge people by the color of their skin.

White Americans are the enemy, they are the problem. He said there is a “fact pattern”.

In fact, Democrats are the threat. We are engaged in a civil war with the hard-left and the only ones engaged are the hard-left. Our Republicans are mostly dead weight.

Booker said he talked to Africans and other foreigners in his district as well as the Ambassador from Haiti and what they care about is this alleged comment by Trump which only the liar Durbin has confirmed.

Disingenuously, he talked about this “incredible nation” that he and his leftist friends want to turn into a “s***hole” country the foreigners he says he cares about escaped.

What was most ironic was him accusing the President and his team of social engineering when it’s the Democrats who want to social engineer how many children people have, where they live, what we eat, what we hear and see, and what they are allowed to say.

He suggested to the DHS Secretary that she wasn’t standing up for the truth and he wanted her to repeatedly answer the same question about the “s***hole” comment she did not hear the President make. He just couldn’t accept her not remembering something she never heard.



  1. Cory Booker, President of the United States?? HarHarHarHarHarHar,….He isn’t out of short pants yet, still pees the bed and sleeps with his ma. (Plus his I.Q. is way too low, his emotional I.Q. is -50.

  2. Cory Booker is not a stable genius that’s for sure!…he was almost in tears because someone called a sh*thole a sh*thole? he can go cry in his pillow…what a stupid man he is…and he was way too agressive…that does not indicate mental stability.

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