Unhinged! Scarborough Finds an Evil Message in Trump’s Red Sox Tweet


President Trump tweeted his opinion to the Red Sox the other day during the game. This is what he does. Some found it funny.

There are cracks you could make about this, like, why does he do this or why does he have to tweet about everything? It’s just Donald Trump.

He’s actually friends with the owner and others on the team. He was likely worked up about the game and most of America was wondering the same thing he tweeted.

What is the most remote complaint you might come up with? How about it’s a dog whistle to white supremacists? That’s what Joe and Mika think.

Joe Scarborough went into a spiel about “national reckoning”, “Charlottesville”, “neo-Nazis”, “Hispanic breeders”, and Trump refuses to “attack white nationalists” [total lie]. You get the picture I’m sure.

Then he said:

“This is a national reckoning. So, Mika, you know, in a week, people get to make a decision. Is this the America they want to live in? Because right now the only constitutional check against this sort of abhorrent behavior — again, a guy really — a guy who was sending a message by time and time again tweeting about baseball or talking about his bad hair day there, that was done intentionally to send a message to white nationalists. This doesn’t bug me that much. I’m going to watch a baseball game, I’m going to tweet about baseball. I’m just not going to let it occupy my… I mean, Mika, you tell me, where do you think we are?”

Screwy Mika agreed and explained how he came up with this:

“He’s tweeting about baseball, bullpen strategy the very same day of the synagogue slaughter, as if to send a message, as you said, Joe, to his adoring white nationalist fans that the murdering of these worshippers was not even a concern,” she later said. “That’s the message it sends, to be clear.”


Maybe he was trying to take his mind off the troubles of the world? To some of us, he looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He did address the murders several times:

On the other hand, will they say anything about the fact that Mayor De Blasio forgot to honor the terror attack victims at their memorial?

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