Union Marxists Are Teaching Social Justice in Chicago Public School Math Classes


Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis

Bolshevik unionist Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Public Schools teachers’ union, recently told teachers how to inculcate math instruction with social ideology. It’s not the first time. She wants to politicize everything as long as it’s far-left politicization.

In the video below, she explained how a Progressive named Bob Peterson puts social justice propaganda into his math lessons in lieu of consumerism.

“People always talk about how that there’s no politics and values in math. That you can teach math and there’s no place for social justice. So let me tell you how Bob deals with that,” Lewis said.

She went on to describe a math story problem about money and the cost of pencils.

“That’s a very political statement because it’s all about consumerism – it’s about buying stuff, right?

“Bob Peterson tells them about José working in a factory making piecemeal clothes. He uses the same numbers and gets the same answer. And yes, math is political, too.”

Lewis concluded, “Don’t let people tell you there’s one way to do anything.”


Lewis has been followed by EAG News for some time and she never ceases to disappoint. She is a racist leftist who is spreading her message to teachers and students.

In this next video, she blames rich white people for minorities’ problems:

Karen Lewis likes to pretend she is self-deprecating while she brags about herself. She also has no problem talking about her drug-dazed years. You can listen to 35 minutes of her nonsense on this link. She often spends time demonizing white rich people in her lectures. She is an occupier after all.

EAG News previously reported the social justice math activist tricks in a book called “Rethinking Mathematics: Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers.”