Union Thugs Hunting Down Romney in London


There is a crazed manhunt on for Mitt Romney. Two commie unions are trying to find out the location of Romney’s London fundraiser so they can create mayhem and capture some headlines. The union bosses even put out a reward for the information.

Their major complaint is that rich people will give to Romney’s campaign. It doesn’t seem to bother them that Obama gets funds from rich people. Why would anyone think they’d clamor for donations from poor people?

The main goal of these unions is to find out who is donating to Romney’s campaign so they can malign the donors. They want to scare them off.

via Washington Examiner

Two unions representing members in four different countries offered a reward today to the person who can reveal the location of Mitt Romney’s fundraiser in London and thus enable them to protest his campaign.

“Romney is in town for the opening of the Olympics and to raise funds from rich bankers for his campaign to be the next president of the United States,” a press release from Unite and the United Steel Workers notes. “The unions want to ‘award’ Romney with two gold medals, one for austerity (for others) and the other for financial secrecy.”

The unions offer  “a dinner for two in London at a American style restaurant” to the person who tells them where the Romney fundraiser will take place…

Read about the USW leader Leo Gerard here.  The other union involved – Unite – is quite commie as well.


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