Unions: Keystone Now, No More Oil from Crazy Countries



cartoon photo of President Obama axing the Keystone pipeline

video clip of union leader on the subject of Keystone: No more oil from crazy countries!


It has been difficult for me to support labor unions at times, however, on one issue at least, we agree. Keystone needs to be built now!

The extremists, who are Obama’s base supporters, want fossil fuels stopped and eliminated. The State Department wants Keystone built. Hopefully this battle will end with State winning.

Keystone is dependent on private money, not government; it makes the US less dependent on foreign oil; and it keeps our Canadian neighbors from selling their oil to the Chinese.

When we buy oil from terrorist nations, we are financing terrorism aimed at us and we should be jumping on an opportunity like Keystone.

The US is at the heart of the energy movement right now and Keystone helps us economically. It will help with research. By reducing our dependence on foreign sources of oil, it will help us remain as leaders of the energy movement.

Gasoline prices will go down. Oil is 2/3 rds the cost of gasoline. Transportation costs will be cheaper as well since we only have to transport from Canada via pipeline. Transporting by motor vehicles such as the Buffet trains is a lot more costly.

It will bring in 350,000 construction jobs and 1.7 million indirect jobs and we need jobs!

One criticism is that many of these jobs are temporary but so it was with the Stimulus. Private sector jobs have a better track record of continuing – someone will have to maintain the pipeline.

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