Unions That Lobbied for Obamacare Will Be Exempt




Updates at the end of the article.

Unions will have an Obamacare exemption! You will pay for them!

The unions lobbied for Obamacare. They spent millions to get President Obama elected and they spent millions to help Obama pass the legislation. Unions now realize how damaging it will be to their membership and they want a carve out which they are going to receive.

The White House is reportedly working on an exemption for them and it is all but done.

Subsidies already slated for the uninsured will now go to union members who have employer-sponsored coverage. These union members already have insurance tax-free under their employers.

It will come at a serious cost to taxpayers.

The statutory language of the bill prohibits this.

The White House is actually writing legislation to amend the bill to accommodate the union. It is unconstitutional for the White House to write legislation. Only Congress has that right. This president has continuously ignored the separation of powers in his tyrannical use of power.

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Update: 9/13/13: No agreement on exemptions was reached today because the WH can’t find a legal way to do it, though that hasn’t stopped them before. They promised union leaders that they will keep working on it.

They likely reached a secret agreement. The union leaders will complain for a while, but once this law is in place, the administration will give them their cave outs. Count on it. They just can’t do it at the moment with all the bad publicity the president has dealt with recently.

Forbes reported that it was a done deal and the Independent Sentinel believes it is.


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