Uniparty Working on Trump-Proof 10-Year Funding Bill for Ukraine


As we reported earlier this year, Congress is working on a Trump-proof ten-year funding deal with Zelensky for Ukraine should he win in November. This is likely just the beginning. of Trump-proof war bills. As JD Vance said, we will see bills that include “an impeachment trap.”

This will be similar to the funding agreements we have with Israel, only it also includes our support for the war with Russia.

Democrat House leader Hakeem Jeffries announced on Sunday that the US and Ukraine are “working on fixing specific levels of support for this year and for the NEXT TEN YEARS.”

Via the News Wires

Kyiv has signed several 10-year security agreements with NATO countries that outline long-term Western support for Ukraine in the face of a Russian invasion now in its third year.

“Our teams – Ukraine and the United States – have started working on a bilateral security agreement,” Zelensky said in his evening address on social media, adding that it could be a “truly exemplary” deal.

The agreements signed so far – including with Britain, France, and Germany – are not mutual defense pacts but have symbolic importance as a show of commitment by the West to support Kyiv militarily, politically, and financially for years to come.

He’s getting military aid and more long-range missiles as well:

Zelensky held a telephone call with US President Joe Biden earlier on Monday after the US Congress advanced a long-stalled package of military aid for Kyiv over the weekend.

The US supplies most of the money and the weapons. Europe isn’t doing much.

The US taxpayer will be forced to pay out to a corrupt nation. The money we send isn’t audited, and Chip Roy said that only about $47 billion, or 40% of the $113 billion given to Ukraine, was used for lethal aid. The US doesn’t know what happened to the other $69 billion.

Zelensky thanked the politicians for US taxpayer money:

“I spoke with House Minority Leader @RepJeffries and thanked him for his role in getting the Ukraine aid bill passed in Congress…I appreciate the bipartisan support for Ukraine in Congress, as well as President Biden’s leadership. I invited Congressman Jeffries to visit Ukraine…I also informed him about the urgent need to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense with “Patriot” systems in order to protect Ukrainian cities and communities, as well as the economy and critical infrastructure, from Russian air terror.

The so-called loan package Speaker Johnson approved includes terms that allow the president – Biden – to cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt after November 15th and another 50% after January 1. In other words, it’s not going to be a loan.

He will stand with the Ukrainian undemocratic Zelensky:

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