United Airline’s Giving Free Flights to Illegals so “They Can Fly in Dignity”


United Airlines must feel the need to make their bad image worse. Their latest ‘humanitarian’ gesture is to offer free flights home to ‘separated’ illegal aliens who broke into our country illegally so they can “fly in dignity”.

They’re not known for treating some passengers with dignity — the non-illegal ones. They pulled a doctor off a flight, dragged him off injuring him, roughly pulled off a mother and a baby, and many others.

Will this cost be added to the price of tickets bought by paying customers? It would have to be.


United is partnering with the far-left FWD.us, an advocacy group known for defending illegal immigrant rights, which made the announcement Wednesday. It’s called the ‘Flights for Families’ campaign.

FWD.US protects illegals so-called rights and promotes all open borders policies.

They didn’t do that when Barack Obama was separating them.

In a statement on Facebook, FWD.us welcomed United to the partnership and thanked the airline for joining the ‘Flights For Families’ campaign. The effort is working to reunite parents that have been separated from their children when they were detained illegally crossing the border. United will be donating flights to rejoin the families.

“A growing community of support is coming together to reunite families who were separated at the border. We are so thankful and happy to announce that United Airlines is jumping in and helping,” FWD.us’s statement read. “Thanks to this partnership with United, we are able to provide travel to the recently reunited immigrant families to get to their next destination with dignity.”

United replied to the Facebook post saying “Our company’s shared purpose is to connect people and unite the world — we are proud to support your work and help reunify immigrant children and families.”

This is not the first time the airline has dabbled in politics. Back in February, United scrapped discounts for NRA members.

There is something very un-American about United as they send the exact wrong message to people breaking into our country illegally.

They kill animals too.

First, United Came for Your Guns, Then They Killed Your Dog



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