United States Interferes in Foreign Nations’ Affairs All the Time


The Justice Department is very concerned about foreign nations influencing our elections, but what about all the affairs of foreign nations we interfered in or influenced? Let’s not forget the Israeli election.

One of the most egregious intrusions into foreign affairs was the Obama interference in the Israel election.

When Obama meddled in Israel’s election

In December of 2014, Jeremy Bird, the “architect” of President Obama’s presidential campaigns worked to defeat Bibi Netanyahu in Israel’s March 2015 elections.

Bird worked through V15, an Israel-based group dedicated to defeating Netanyahu’s Likud. It was an Israeli political campaign to elect “anybody but Bibi Netanyahu.”

The NY Times reported that V15 (Victory 2015) and its partners had asked Bird and his firm, 270 Strategies, “to share best practices in organizing so they can maximize their impact both online and on the ground.” Mr. Bird stated through a spokeswoman:

“We’re witnessing something special happening in Israel right now: There’s a groundswell of organic energy as more than 10,000 supporters are coming together to have a voice in their country…. [V15’s] “efforts are already paying off as they have reached out to more than 200,000 targeted voters, both in person and on the phone, about the need for change in Israel.”

State Department grants – U.S. tax dollars – paid for building the infrastructure.

Biden Influenced Ukraine’s Judicial System

Then there is the time, Joe Biden influenced the judicial system of Ukraine.

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