United States Loses One Ally and Pays Off Another


The Queen Hosts A Reception For Delegates Of The London SummitPresident Obama bowing to the Saudi king

Saudi Arabia has broken off diplomatic relations with the United States over the Syrian debacle. President Obama geared them all up for war and then turned around and let Iran and Russia call the shots in a fake weapons of mass destruction destruction.

Like most Americans, I didn’t want to go to war in Syria, but Saudi Arabia has cause to be angry over the way the situation was handled.

Another point of contention is over their dissatisfaction with our handling of Iran. We are allowing ourselves to be snookered by them and we are putting the entire region in danger as a result.

We have also betrayed Saudi Arabia over Bahrain, according to the Daily Mail.

The fact that the Saudis have some valid points and the fact that they are our allies seems to have alluded Chris VanHolland who told Reuters on Tuesday:

‘We know their game. They’re trying to send a signal that we should all get involved militarily in Syria, and I think that would be a big mistake to get in the middle of the Syrian civil war,’ Van Hollen said.

‘And the Saudis should start by stopping their funding of the al Qaeda-related groups in Syria. In addition to the fact that it’s a country that doesn’t allow women to drive,’ said Van Hollen, who is close to Obama on domestic issues in Congress but is less influential on foreign policy.

That will play well at home with the low-information voters but it makes us look like fools on the world stage.

We have borrowed and still borrow a great deal of money from Saudi Arabia and we need their oil. They can find someone else to protect them and we will never get back what we lost. I don’t think we needed to go to war in Syria to keep this relationship. We needed leadership.

U.S. economic interests in Saudi Arabia involve government contracts in defense, other security sectors, health care, education, information technology and construction.

Saudi Arabia has been our ally since 1932.

Our relationship with Egypt is all but destroyed. We helped push Mubarek out and fought for The Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization. In one year, Mosri killed and imprisoned more people than Mubarek did all the years he was in office.

Egypt's newspaper

Egypt sign, ‘Obama supports terrorism’

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton took credit for it during a 60 minutes joint interview:

President Obama released $1.6 billion in aid to Pakistan this week and got nothing for it. He didn’t even ask for the release of Dr. Afridi. That doesn’t come as a surprise since we recently made a pact with the Taliban, releasing five of their worst from GITMO without seeking the return of our imprisoned US soldier, Bowe Berghdahl.

He also left an Afghan hero behind, read about that on this link.

Pakistan hates us and has done nothing to help us in the war on terror, in fact, they are part of the problem.


Mr. Obama’s coffin in effigy being carried in Pakistan

We have alienated much of the Muslim world but Mr. Obama promised us something quite different, check out this audio:

Our relationship with Brazil, France, Germany, and Mexico is also threatened because we were caught spying on them.

What allies do we actually have left anyway?


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