United States to Launch an ‘Unbelievably Small’ Attack on Syria


SECRETARY-OF-STATE-226x300Hanoi John, horseface

John Kerry spoke at a press conference in the UK Sunday and said the US attack will be an ‘unbelievably small,’ limited attack on Syria. John McCain called the comments ‘unbelievably unhelpful.’

If it’s going to be so unbelievably small, he should do it already. No one will even notice.

Video of John Kerry making his ‘unbelievably stupid’ comment.

Hillary Clinton, famous for her handling of Benghazi, came out strong in support of an attack. She is someone we should listen to. Ambassador Stevens listened to her.

She said Monday it would be an “important step” if Syria immediately surrendered its chemical weapons stockpiles to international control.

“But this cannot be another excuse for delay or obstruction. And Russia has to support the international community’s efforts sincerely or be held to account,” she said.

Russia made a proposal earlier in the day that Syria relinquish chemical weapons to international control. That was after Hanoi John told Assad to give up his chemical weapons in a week when pressed as to whether or not anything could be done to change the course of events.

Hillary is supportive of resetting the entire affair. She is known for resetting the relationship with Russia. Check out the video.

Meanwhile, the latest CNN/ORC polls shows Obama’s foreign policy approval rating dropping to 40% from 54% in January. Only 31% of Americans approve of his handling of Syria, the crisis of his own making.


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