University of Chicago Agitators Demand Reparations for Slavery


Hardcore leftists are demanding the University of Chicago pay reparations to the blacks of South Chicago for slavery. They say the University was built on the backs of slaves. Students held “teach-ins” and a “rally for reparations”.

The groups, Reparations at UChicago, the UChicago Socialists and UofC Resists, the organizers of a February teach-in, were joined by representatives from a graduate student union and a local Black Lives Matter chapter, as reported by The Chicago Maroon.

The property the school was built on was purchased by Stephen Douglas who used funds from a Mississippi plantation using slave labor.

The school officials argue that the University is markedly different from the original university.

Why do they argue at all? It should be discounted out of hand. It’s insane.

What they want

At the “teach-in,” in addition to calling for “compensating damages from slavery,” attendees also seek a “community benefits agreement” from the university “as a way of making indirect reparations to the South Side community,” according to The Maroon.

Reparations that the agreement would seek include increased educational opportunities, allocation of resources and skills, more land, and a student loan repayment system.

They are looking for descendants of those who worked the plantations. Georgetown is doing the same thing.

The idiots involved in this don’t sound like college material and the school officials don’t sound any better.

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