University Director Doesn’t Understand Why You Can’t Steal From Walmart and Target


Everett D Mitchell

Everett D. Mitchell, the Director of University of Wisconsin-Madison Community Relations, who is also a minister and a lawyer, was recently discussing “best policing practices” on a panel when he stated that people who steal from Walmart shouldn’t be prosecuted.

“I just don’t think they should be prosecuting cases for people who steal from Wal-Mart. I don’t think that. I don’t think that Target, and all them other places – the big boxes that have insurance – they should be using the people that steal from there as justification to start engaging in aggressive police behavior.”

Where does he think insurance companies get their money?

It’s now supposed to be okay to steal from Big Box stores so the police don’t get too aggressive.

These are the people who are voting for the clowns in DC who want to steal our money and redistribute it.

They call it better policing – let everyone burn buildings and get it out of their system as they did in Baltimore or allow people to rob stores that have insurance.

The responses to the Director on YouTube ranged from wanting to steal his nice laptop to he’s a blankety-blank moron to he’s right, shoplifters should be shot on sight.

They could always make them wear a sign like this guy.

walmart thief

When I went to the Left Forum in New York City this year to see what the hard left was up to, I sat in on a workshop led by a Black Panther who was focused on the need to get the police out of the ghetto. He told a story about a violent drug dealer who the police kept throwing in jail but he worked out a deal with the police to lay off him and said the community would deal with the dealer. The dealer stopped hurting people and is now the block barbecuer.

That’s apparently where the far-left is headed.

Professors Sara McKinnon and Karma Chavez at the same university as the wannabe Walmart thief want the “occupying force” aka police to stop patrolling some areas of the city.

We write this as a white lesbian woman and a light-skinned queer Chicana in solidarity with the Young Gifted and Black Coalition. … We urge Koval to sincerely consider the demand for no police interaction. It is not an unreasonable request because for many of us in this city, it is already the reality. We also call on other nonblack people in Madison to think about the privilege of living without an occupying force in your neighborhood.

These two weren’t pleased with the Police Chief’s response.

Koval framed this request as outlandish, unreasonable and downright impossible. But we have to wonder why, if we can live a police-free life, Koval imagines it as an impossibility for black people to have the same. And furthermore, if we were a part of a minority group in town that was eight times more likely to be arrested than the majority, we would certainly experience those doing the arresting as an occupying force too.

Karma Chavez

Karma Chavez, pictured above, teaches rhetoric, culture and politics and her “scholarship is primarily informed by queer of color theory and women of color feminism,” according to her university page.

Sara McKinnon

Sara McKinnon, photo above, says on her page that her “goal is not only to identify what gender means in U.S. asylum law, but to understand how the recognition of gender and gendered subjects as political serves U.S. national and international interests.”

In October, 1989, an article in the New York Times explained that Marxism has gone mainstream with the exciting debates taking place in ”Marxism and feminism, Marxism and deconstruction, Marxism and race”. They mentioned one known communist at the University of Wisconsin.

u of WI

The University of Wisconsin’s Marxist Sociology Professor Erik Olin Wright, pictured above, makes $170,000 a year to teach two courses.

He hates Capitalism but is living large off it.

“Capitalism blocks the possibility of achieving a radically egalitarian distribution of the material conditions of life,” the dedicated Marxist professor has written in his book Approaches to Class Analysis.

In another book, he bemoaned  America’s low taxes, “urban sprawl” and abundance of male professors such as himself. He is opposed to “the excessive emphasis on using resources” privately.

We are in such trouble in America today.

Source: GOP USAMRCTV and Daily Caller


  1. ““Capitalism blocks the possibility of achieving a radically egalitarian distribution of the material conditions of life,” ………………….. Um, yes, professor, yes it does. Did anyone ever tell you how absolutely, brilliantly, keenly insightful and profound you are? You are worth every penny UW wast, er, spends on you.
    Now we are in a dismal funk ,because the possibility of achieving a radically egalitarian distribution of the material conditions of life, which we all just spend every day and night hoping and praying for, (not to some god, of course, but to Karl Marx) has been thwarted by the evil capitalism. Let’s all just go off and have a good cry.

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