Unmasking Obamacare – The Shocking Truth You Probably Didn’t Know


Editor’s Note: The following article was authored by noted critical care physician, Dr. John Hassett. He gives a stunning account of the ultimate and hidden purpose of Obamacare exposed by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel himself. In this article, Dr. Hassett reflects on freedom and the rights of man. He also offers solutions to the problems that have plagued the healthcare system, solutions that do not over-rely on the government and protect the freedom of Americans.

unmasking obamacare

Unmasking Obamacare

The funny thing about masks, is they’re there for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes masks are purposeful, like a surgeon’s mask.  That mask keeps germs from the surgeon from infecting his patient, and germs from his patient from infecting him.  At Halloween, masks help us pretend to be something we’re not, funny or scary.  This way we can engage in one of the basic aspects of humanity, play.

Sometimes, however, masks have a duplicitous purpose, of allowing someone to do something that they realize the rest of humanity would disapprove, like robbing someone.

In my humble opinion, most Liberals probably believed that this new healthcare law was for the good of the country and that people would get free/cheap healthcare – everyone would benefit.  As a result, anyone who spoke out against it was akin to the devil himself.

From the die-hard Progressive/Liberal’s point of view, the “Affordable Care Act”, i.e. Obamacare (a name President Obama has himself embraced) was passed with the idea that it would be masked.

Keep the people from really understanding what the law is, until its passed, like a Christmas present.  Then once the people have it, unwrap it for them, ugliness and all.  They’ll progress into a single payer socialized medicine system.  Everyone will have healthcare, and the greater good will be achieved.

How will it be paid for?  Take the money from the rich.  Who are the rich?  Anyone who works.  They consider that to be the middle class and the upper class.  The very wealthy won’t feel it that much.  And the middle class should help to pay for the poorer in society, as they redistribute wealth for them, since they know better.

Hence, everyone’s premiums go up, and the costs of the plans and deductibles go up, and the value and taxes on the values of the plans go up.  But, like all planners and statists, it doesn’t apply to the planner or the statist.  But, that’s alright, since they were brilliant enough to come up with a way to get healthcare for everyone.  Or did they?

According to Dr. Ezekial Emmanuel, in 2008:

We need a single payer healthcare system.  But, Americans won’t want to give up their options and their choices.  So, we’ll appeal to their compassion.  We’ll tell them we’ll be able to provide healthcare for everyone.  And, since Americans are good and decent people, they’ll go along with it.  We’ll tell them, we can pay for it by eliminating waste, fraud, abuse and duplication.  But, anyone who knows math, knows that’s a lie.  The population base is getting older.  Its getting larger.  And, there are always new medical advances, and drugs, which are expensive.  There’s no way we can provide healthcare for everyone.  So, we’ll need a way to contain costs.  That’s where my plan comes in, ‘The Complete Lives System.’  Rather than the antiquated system of triaging (treating the sickest first), since doctors will lie about how sick their patients are, we’ll use my system.  Age will be the determining factor.  You can’t lie with an electronic record about how old you are.  We know that people between the ages of 15 and 40 are the most productive to society, and therefore they should get the most amount of healthcare.  People under the age of 15 and over the age of 40 are less productive to society and therefore should get less healthcare and maybe none at all.  And that may sound cold and harsh to some of you.  But, the biggest hurdle we’re going to have is the Hippocratic oath.  We need to get physicians to ignore what’s good for their patients and do what’s good for society at large.  What’s good for the collective.

This was a lecture that I wish I had taped, since it was a time when the mask came off a Progressive.  Americans are good people.  We do believe in helping people.  And, we don’t want to see or even think of people suffering.  So, if you are under 15, or over 40, you probably aren’t for this plan.

What about those between those ages?

I would appeal to one’s compassion directly.

Do you know someone in your family under 15 with autism?  Mental retardation?  Some other deformity, anomaly, or handicap?  After all, even if they had a brilliant mind or spirit, or if their mere presence lifted the spirits of their families, their physical limitations would categorize them as a drain on society.

What of those of us over 40, who aren’t in the White House or halls of Congress?  Would you consider us to be less productive to society, less important to our families or friends, or even less than human?

Would you so freely walk others to the chamber for extermination, believing it was for the good of society, and their deaths would help fund healthcare for more people between the ages of 15 and 40 who are more productive?

Or would you not take such a harsh approach but rather deny them medical care when they get pneumonia or some other infection or disease that could be cured, since it was good for the collective?  Or would you say that the good of the individual is the good of society, not the other way around.  And, would you give of your own time or treasure to help that person?  I choose the latter.

To some of you who still, despite this argument, protest and say “Well, who is Dr. Emmanuel?”  He is President Obama’s advisor on healthcare, one of the architects of the Obamacare law, and he sits on the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board).  “The what board?” you might ask.  That’s the board that will control all decision making for healthcare for everyone on the exchanges and on Medicare/Medicaid.  That’s the board that will help doctors overcome the Hippocratic oath.  They will come out with mandates – if they keep to their time schedule – on 1/1/2014.

Doctors who participate in these plans will have to follow the mandates.  If the doctor believes the mandate is wrong for the patient, he has two options, 1. go along with it and do it anyway and 2. say no.

If he takes the second approach, to say “no”, he will be penalized.  A doctor went before a House Congressional subcommittee in 2010 and was told that the first offense will be a $100,000 fine, and that the second offense will be a class D felony and jail time.

If he takes the first approach and goes along with violating his ethics, morals, his oath, and in my opinion, losing his soul in the process, what happens?  Maybe nothing.  But, if the patient gets sicker or dies, he can be sued for medical malpractice.

Now its important to wake people up.  But, more importantly, what’s the right answer.  In medicine like in life, there are no perfect answers.  The older system we had, had its flaws.  But, rather than fix it, it was smashed to the ground and we were told that people who are smarter than the rest of us, will pick up all the tiny pieces and make a brand new system and it will be better, somehow, someday, someway.  And, the mask was kept firmly in place by people that knew and know the ugliness of it.

Well, what about health savings accounts?  I believe this plan would work better than the old or new way.

Dr. Ben Carson talked about individual health savings accounts that would be started when the person was born.  Family members could contribute to them.  The money would be tax free.  The money could not be taken by the government, borrowed against by the person, or used to pay off anything else (eg. a house or a car).  The money would only be used for healthcare.  And, for those that had no family members to contribute, the government could contribute to those funds.  The person would then be responsible for it.  The person would shop for the cheaper drugs/hospitals/procedures.  The person would weigh more seriously the costs/benefits of healthcare.

And, if they died of something before the money was all gone, they could bequeath it to someone they wanted to into their health savings accounts, free of taxation.

But, what if the person is young and gets diagnosed with a horrible illness at an early age?  You could educate and advise people about buying catastrophic healthcare insurance.  This used to be called major health and hospitalization insurance.  The prices are cheap, because those events are very rare.

What if the parents don’t want to buy, or can’t afford that type of insurance?  Well, those that are too poor already get Medicaid.  But, you could include in the cost of the individual health savings accounts the cost of a catastrophic plan.

Alright, so what about those parents and people that don’t want healthcare?  Won’t that be a drain on society?  Yes, and no.  I don’t subscribe to the Amish’s belief system to avoid healthcare.  Nor, am I a Jehovah’s witness who doesn’t believe in transfusions.  I do believe in FREEDOM, and I respect their beliefs, decisions and choices.  I believe in individual choices, freedoms and responsibilities.

With freedom, you must accept individual responsibility, and one of the shortcomings of freedom is that some free people might make a decision that others disagree with.  But, they are free to make that choice.  So, if in a society of free people, some were to decide they don’t want to pay for healthcare and bet that they will be healthy rather than bet they will be sick in time, that is their God-given right.  If they are wrong, they might lose their homes/cars/belongings.  They might wind up destitute, paying for healthcare that they could have purchased insurance for in the first place.  Or they might wind up dying of a disease that could have been treated or prevented had they made a different choice.  Their families will probably learn from this lesson and not repeat it.  But, should their families not, they would follow in the same path So, both paths can end poorly in death for some.

I would argue that the progressive, statist, authoritarian path would end in death of more people.  And, to back that argument up, I would refer you to the planning policies of other authoritarians, the 12 million dead by Hitler, the 20-60 million dead by Stalin and the 30-70 million dead by Mao.  Since the progressive argument is the same one used by those individuals from history, for the good of society, or the collective is more important than the individual, I believe its a fair parallel.

But, should we suspend history and common sense for a moment and entertain the fanciful hypothesis that there would be an equal number dead, whichever approach was chosen.  Then the question is begged, would we as Americans wish to be enslaved and told who will live and die or be free?

It is my earnest opinion that the mask worn by Obamacare is in fact the latter of the examples of masks first described, and designed to rob us of our freedoms, our fortunes, and in some cases our very lives.  This American doctor has always and will always choose to be free.  I hope you will join me and I will pray for us all either way.


Good day and God bless you.

John Hassett, M.D.


Dr. John Hasset is a distinquished critical care physician on Long Island. Dr. Hassett graduated from New York Medical College in 1994.  He completed his internship at New Rochelle Hospital and his Residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City which he completed in 1998.  Dr. Hassett also completed a fellowship at North Shore Hospital in 2001 and is affiliated with four hospitals on Long Island: Mercy Hospital, Winthrop University Hospital, North Shore University Hospital Manhasset and North Shore University Hospital Franklin Square.

Dr. Hassett will be speaking at a public meeting on November 7th from 7:00 to 9:00 at Infant Jesus R.C. Church, Montfort Hall, 110 Myrtle Avenue, Port Jefferson, N.Y. 11777.

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