Unmasking the Baltimore Police “Protests”: The Most Dangerous People In America


The Baltimore police are only the latest force to be subjected to some of the most dangerous people in the world masquerading around as protesters. They are violent anarchists, communists, socialists, thuggish unions, black power groups, gangs and they are all supported, encouraged and promoted by the president of the United States and the Department of Justice.

They seek to overturn our system of justice and law enforcement, putting Marxist social justice in its place.

The Baltimore police union has been under fire for calling the “protesters” a “lynch mob”.

After offering sympathy to the family of Freddie Gray, union president Gene Ryan said, “The images seen on television look and sound much like a lynch mob in that they care calling for the immediate imprisonment of these officers without them ever receiving the due process that is the Constitutional right of every citizen, including law enforcement officers,” Ryan said in a statement.

He was mistaken. He should have called them revolutionaries. They aren’t protesters and this is a revolution promulgated by our administration and funded in part by George Soros.

In order to succeed, they have to own law enforcement.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake stood beside a top-ranked Nation of Islam member and thanked the Nation of Islam at about 02:08.

The Nation of Islam members were caught stirring up trouble by throwing rocks at stores, breaking window panes.

The goal of the Nation is to completely separate whites and blacks.

On the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) radio show, Malik Zulu Shabazz, former president of the NBPP said the rioters were acting in “self-defense” from police “occupiers” and the “police,” who he claimed are “the people who are attacking us,” “might need to get hurt.”

nbp nbp2

The Nation of Islam joined with the criminal and violent gangs, the Crips and the Bloods.

Nation of Islam called for blood in the streets nation of islam with bloods and crips Nation of islam with revcom nation of islam2 revcom nation of islam

The Nation of Islam tweeted that Israel trained the Baltimore police.

This came from an account associated with the Nation of Islam. It read, “#Baltimore police trained by Israel Mossad & Shin Bet. More planned.”

The Mossad and the Shin Bet roughly correspond to the American CIA and FBI. Of course it’s not true.

The Nation’s leader Louis Farrakhan is notoriously anti-white, anti-Jew. He and others in the nation often demonize Caucasians, referring to them as “the enemy” and decrying their mere existence.

The Revolutionary Communist Party (rev.com), a strong presence at the protests throughout the nation, expressed their intentions on their website.

There are high stakes—very high stakes—in what happens next. High stakes for the powers-that-be themselves—the capitalist-imperialists—who sit atop a world of exploitation and oppression of every kind. These capitalist-imperialists rely on their police to enforce that order within this country, even as they rely on their armies to go all over the world to do the same.


But there are even higher stakes for the oppressed and those who hate oppression, and for the revolutionaries leading the fight against that oppression. High stakes in mobilizing people to fight through and win this battle… and far higher stakes in bringing to people the word that there IS a solution to this, that revolution is possible, and that emancipation from this madness can be achieved, and in organizing people to carry forward that revolution.


In sum, this rebellion revealed the potential of the most oppressed to rise up against big odds, with courage. This rebellion transformed how everyone saw things: it made very clear the urgency of this injustice and that it must not and would not be tolerated. And it showed how, when this is done, there is potential to win active and important support from people who do not face that same hell, but can be won to sympathize.

Rev com provides many of the signs which can be downloaded from their site.

Rev.com, the Nation of Islam, the Bloods and the Crips can all be seen marching together in these photos.

revcom nation of islam

WASHINGTON, USA - APRIL 22: Hundreds of people march through the streets of Baltimore to seek justice for the death for Freddie Gray who died from injuries suffered in Police custody in Baltimore, USA on April 22, 2015. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON, USA – APRIL 22: Hundreds of people march through the streets of Baltimore to seek justice for the death for Freddie Gray who died from injuries suffered in Police custody in Baltimore, USA on April 22, 2015. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

revcom1 revcom2 revcom4 revcom5 revcom6 revcom7 revcom8 revcom9 revcom10 revcom11 revcom12 revcom13 revcom14 revom 3


042715-national-baltimore-protests-for-freddie-gray-protest.jpg Nation of Islam called for blood in the streets nation of islam with bloods and crips Nation of islam with revcom nation of islam2

Malik Shabazz is no longer president of the New Black Panthers. He has formed a militant black lawyer’s organization, Black Lawyers for Justice. It’s affiliated with the communist front group, the National Lawyer’s Guild. He was active in the Baltimore “protests.”

nbp nbp2


We mustn’t forget White House advisor Al Sharpton who is tight with Louis Farrakhan these days.

Farrakhan and Sharpton

The Answer Coalition was a visible presence along with Black Lives Matter.

The Answer Coalition is a principal player in all anti-war and pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

David Corn of the left-leaning Nation Magazine denounced its leaders for their association with the Stalinist Workers World Party, their extremist positions and their co-opting the anti-war rallies to push their larger agenda which includes ending capitalism and freeing Jamil Al-Amin from jail. The University of Michigan Daily warned students who wanted to attend the January 2003 anti-war rally sponsored by ANSWER that “many who read about the rally afterward will assume the crowd showed up to support ANSWER’s agenda rather than to learn about or participate in the anti-war movement. This agenda includes not only the immediate release of Milosevic, but more recently, a demand for the immediate elimination of U.S. weapons of mass destruction.”

Then there is Black Lives Matter.

Alicia Garza, one of its co-founders, is a self-described “queer” social-justice activist who reveres the Marxist revolutionary, former Black Panther, and convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur for her contributions to the “Black Liberation Movement.” Garza is likewise a great admirer of Angela Davis (another Marxist and former Black Panther), Ella Baker (an avowed socialist who had ties to the Communist Party USA and the Weather Underground), Audre Lorde (a black Marxist lesbian feminist), and Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee activist Fannie Lou Hamer. “These women really attempt and attempted to tackle some of the biggest questions facing our society,” says Garza. “Learning about them and in some cases getting a chance to meet them really underscores that everyday people, when working together with a shared vision, can accomplish extraordinary things.”

Garza collaborated with Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi to co-found #BlackLivesMatter, an online platform designed to stoke black rage and galvanize a protest movement in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the “white Hispanic” who killed Trayvon Martin.

According to Garza, #BlackLivesMatter has at its essence, “a tactic to (re)build the Black liberation movement” for those who, as a result of ubiquitous “white supremacy” and “state violence,” have been “deprived of [their] basic human rights and dignity.”

It’s largely funded by George Soros.

answer coalition

Justice League NYC was a presence at the “protests.” It is a task force of social activists, criminal-justice advocates, and formerly incarcerated individuals who maintain that police brutality against black civilians in New York City is widespread.

They formed in 2014. In late 2014 and into early 2015, JLNYC’s Internet homepage featured a photo of Lisa Fithian — along with photos of a few other left-wing activists — below a caption stating that the Justice League was “Powered By People Like You.”

justice league justice league2 L-Balt-Protests

Lisa Fithian is a professional trainer for radical protests and she is an anarchist. She is a longtime community organizer and direct-action agitator.

She was a key organizer of the violent demonstrations that caused the shutdown of the 1999 WTO meetings in Seattle. She has served as a human shield in actions conducted by the International Solidarity Movement in the Palestinian cities of Jenin and Nablus. She has accused Israel of “slaughter[ing] Palestinians every single day in Gaza and the Occupied territories”

Her goal is to “create crisis, because crisis is that edge where change is possible”.

She was also the lead organizer behind the Ferguson riots.

Lisa Fithian

Noisy Room has done extensive research on her.

She was the top street-level organizer of the Occupy Wall Street movement. One of the disappointments of the Occupy movement according to them is that blacks were not involved. They were paying poor blacks to hold signs but very few obliged. They have them now.

The Ferguson riots are not what they seem and those behind them are professionals. One of the top organizers of the protesters for the Ferguson riots is Lisa Fithian, someone who was intimately involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement. She has been deemed “Professor Occupy.” In 2005 and 2008, Lisa Fithian, Root Activist Network of Trainers, (2005), Alliance for Community Trainers Inc. (2008), was voted onto the Steering Committee for United for Peace and Justice. United for Peace and Justice is a partner organization of the George Soros linked Institute for Policy Studies. Several Marxist organizations are involved in the UFPJ leadership, but the most influential has been the Communist Party USA.

Lisa Fithian joined the labor movement through the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute in 1993. She is considered a legendary organizer.


Fithian is far from alone in her Revolution organizing. She is joined by the likes of Code Pink, RevCom, the New Black Panthers, Socialist Party USA, etc. The ACLU has been in the mix from the beginning as well, along with SEIU. The UN also became involved, along with national LGBT organizations, climate environmentalists, amnesty groups, pro-Palestinian organizations, Christian social justice groups and Planned Parenthood.

LGBT organizations represented include the Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, National Black Justice Coalition, National Center for Lesbian Rights, National Center for Transgender Equality, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance, National Center for Lesbian Rights Action Fund and PFLAG National.

Amnesty International sent a “13-person human rights delegation” to the town to “examine” potential human rights abuses, in what they refer to as an “unprecedented” move by deploying in the United States. read more…

In this video, you can see Fithian training Chicago union teachers.

More information about the Marxists behind the Occupy movement can be found here. Professor Fithian as Lisa Fithian is known by her followers has been called the most dangerous woman in America.

She embodies all that is the 1960’s pathology and violence. She is driven by irrational hate and a desire for violence. Her opposition to ownership can only be described as irrationally extreme by a rational person.

Her plan when she organizes these radicals can best be shown by an OWS email obtained by Andrew Breitbart.

It’s now public:

Phase 1 = Vanguard moves in, initiates occupation, largely dismissed, but staying power piques curiosity and police misconduct/violence draws attention and wins sympathy.

Phase 2 = Vanguards in other cities recognize potential, initiate occupations…large membership orgs endorse and give legitimacy that wasn’t present before, now the media start to change tune.  Focus of coverage is human interest story of life in the park; and, what do they want?

Phase 3 = Mainstream media interest explodes…Democratic leadership embrace movement…Media coverage attributes power to movement.

Phase 4 = ?

We currently find ourselves in phase 3.  Senior members of the Whitehouse Administration, and the President himself, have expressed support for OWS…Bloomberg gives tacit “permission” for our occupation, effectively rendering it non-threatening and normalizing it.

Fithian’s non-violent direct action. Throwing rocks is a tactic.

Fithian training session.

There were many other groups including the leftist SEIU but there’s only so much space we can dedicate for one article.




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