Unperturbed by Poop Everywhere, San Fran Looks to Ban Free Lunches


Pounds of poop in San Fran

San Francisco is okay with poop and syringes all over their streets and homeless lying around, but they don’t like straws or free lunch perks at tech companies. They already banned straws and are out to get the free lunches.

They don’t do a thing about the syringes.

A San Francisco train conductor actually warns riders to watch ‘for needles’ amid ‘needle litter’ epidemic. He tells passengers to be careful not to sit down on used syringes.

San Fran officials let non-citizens vote in local elections and they protect all illegals in the city, even criminals.

With all that, at least they have their priorities straight. They are worried about tech companies giving out free lunches to employees.

The city is now arguing that free lunches provided to employees by companies in the area are hurting local restaurants and introduced legislation to counter the problem, The Observer reported.

Now that the California minimum wage hike is killing jobs in restaurants, two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have decided to FORCE people to eat in restaurants. How clever!

There is also a heavy tax and regulatory burden on restaurants that helps kill their business, but they are not doing a thing about that.

Reason writes that onn Tuesday, City Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Ahsha Safaí announced that they would be introducing legislation banning corporate campuses from maintaining cafeterias for their employees.

They will use the zoning code to ban “industrial kitchens” in commercial buildings.

The two said they want to get employees out into the community at lunchtime, as if that is their job.

Actor James Woods adds a little levity to the situation.

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