Unresolved Threat! EMPs Could Take Down the Grid for 3 Days to 2 Years


The federal government is raising warnings again about threats to the U.S. electric grid, The Washington Examiner reports. A new congressional report indicates a national blackout from a solar storm hit could last from three days to two years, impacting some 40 million.

The Government Accountability Office, Congress’ auditor, also said that the national electric grid system is still in need of protection from solar weather and a nuclear attack.

“When the space weather is severe enough, it can cause a large-scale geomagnetic disturbance that could disrupt the reliable operation of the U.S. electric power grid,” said the GAO report titled, Critical Infrastructure Protection: Protecting the Electric Grid from Geomagnetic Disturbances.

They don’t know how severe an impact can or will be, but as we have reported here, it wouldn’t take much to protect against it, and we should. Terror nations like Iran and North Korea have threatened to launch an EMP attack.

A bill called The Shield Act would be relatively inexpensive, and it would protect us from just such an event. Instead, we do nothing! Americans prefer to worry about climate change catastrophes based on ambiguous computer modeling, but ignore this actual occurrence.

One second after:


This next clip represents the extreme take:

It’s not only terrorism that causes EMPs, but solar storms also do as well.

They are awesome and frightening.

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