Unresolved Threat! EMPs Could Take Down the Grid for 3 Days to 2 Years


The federal government is raising warnings again about threats to the U.S. electric grid, The Washington Examiner reports. A new congressional report indicates a national blackout from a solar storm hit could last from three days to two years, impacting some 40 million.

The Government Accountability Office, Congress’ auditor, also said that the national electric grid system is still in need of protection from solar weather and a nuclear attack.

“When the space weather is severe enough, it can cause a large-scale geomagnetic disturbance that could disrupt the reliable operation of the U.S. electric power grid,” said the GAO report titled, Critical Infrastructure Protection: Protecting the Electric Grid from Geomagnetic Disturbances.

They don’t know how severe an impact can or will be, but as we have reported here, it wouldn’t take much to protect against it, and we should. Terror nations like Iran and North Korea have threatened to launch an EMP attack.

A bill called The Shield Act would be relatively inexpensive, and it would protect us from just such an event. Instead, we do nothing! Americans prefer to worry about climate change catastrophes based on ambiguous computer modeling, but ignore this actual occurrence.

One second after:


This next clip represents the extreme take:

It’s not only terrorism that causes EMPs, but solar storms also do as well.

They are awesome and frightening.

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4 years ago

The Trigger Effect – Connections.

Since that time many relays are using electrostatic “sensitive” devices, which means they are more susceptible to surges. The static in one’s own body can destroy these devices and a ground strap is recommended when handling them. These devices are used in Everything electronic.


4 years ago

People should understand how “Power Plants” work. What if one goes down. Another takes over. What if the eastern seaboard goes down. In order for a “power plant” to start up it needs “power”. If the entire power grid goes down how will a plant start up. It’s like a car with a dead battery. You need Another battery to jump start it.

4 years ago

This is no different than the famous Y2K scare. We heard the Exact same rumblings. Planes will drop out of the sky! People were selling books, giving talks and….making money. Back then, C-Span hosted two of the most prominent writers on the subject. So, I called in and proceeded to discuss the matter from the computer perspective. Not only did they not want to discuss the matter but hung up.

I spent 40+ years in this field from radio to microwave communications to computers dating to the mainframe days. This idea of “hardening” the power grid is ludicrous. This isn’t some simple concept of “wires” going across the landscape. Apparently, those proposing such solutions have little understanding of the entire system as a whole. There’s no way to safeguard these systems across a nation from an EMP as so described.

When Congress hold hearings with these purveyors they do not ask the most pertinent questions. When interviewing the Utility representatives they assume those companies do not want to make the investment. So, in their eyes these purveyors are the arbiters of the truth. It’s not considered these people will serve as “consultants” to the inevitable expenditures. In other words, they stand to financially benefit on the outcome, no different than Al Gore.

These videos are purposely dramatic in order to make a convincing argument. People are motivated by drama and influenced by it. It’s why music is added to entertainment. It stirs emotion and creates a bonding sensation. Rather than fall to emotion, ask questions. How is it that the many nuclear blasts included electronic sensors in fairly close proximity and were still operable. Then again, even if such an EMP pulse is capable of this damage, the amount of protection envisioned wouldn’t suffice for all the electronics permeating throughout society. Protecting the grid will do nothing for what is downstream of it. There is the wires themselves and something called “induction”. It is no different than during electrical storms when a voltage spike occurs in the wires and travels until it finds ground.

Thus, any protection is wishful thinking. What is most effective is the “defense” against such missiles. The satellite angle has to be understood with knowledge of wave propagation between a vacuum and an atmosphere. I’ve listened to quite a bit of testimony on these matters and the proponents do not offer specific technical information, and members of Congress are too ill-informed to know what questions to ask. The next we will be hearing about is Planet Niburu. Maybe we should focus our energy on Photonic Computers and Electronics. Our current technology is mired in the 50’s. We’ve only reduced the scale.