UN’s Slick Video Makes Felonious Activity, Not to Mention Dangerous, Seem Legal


The video below is some slick, propaganda video from the U.N. It claims the migration of 244 million is inevitable. It also makes a dangerous, felonious activity look somehow legal and desirable.

This is being orchestrated by thugs and dictators in the U.N. who hate us. Deep-pocketed Progressives and globalists like George Soros are funding it.

To give an example of how serious this so-called migration is, look at Italy. Italy has been getting tens of thousands each week and they are expecting at least 400,000 more migrants in the next few weeks alone. Most of these people, which includes terrorists, will stay in Italy. This is not a migration, it’s an invasion of people from depressed areas of the world.

Watch this short video. You won’t believe it. It was sent to me by a border control agent.

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