Up-And-Coming Leftist Can’t Wait to Introduce a Medicare-For-All Bill in Congress


Democrat Socialist/Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explained during an interview Tuesday what her first goal will be. When she gets to Congress, she will introduce a Medicare-For-All bill. She also mentioned that she is looking forward to working with Freshman leftists like herself.

“Pod Save America” host Jon Lovett asked O-Cortez what she hoped to do first and StalinCare was it.

Cortez, described by DNC Chair Tom Perez as the “future of the Democrat Party”, has been traveling with Democrat Socialist [Communist] Bernie Sanders.

She described for Lovett how she is campaigning for other Progressives [Leftists].

“I am most excited about working with a progressive freshmen class, because I know that’s the only way we can get things done,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Once we get in there, I think – you know what I think I’d really look forward to, I think that strategically we’ve built enough power around certain bills that we can really push for, like Medicare-for-All.”

Medicare-For-All aka StalinCare puts the State in charge of everyones’ medical decisions. Once the State controls your health, they control you. The leftists are almost there with ObamaCare.

When Democrats tried to get Single Payer or some facsimile through in the past, it paid for illegals, abortions, allowed rationing according to age and included powerful enforcement mechanisms.

When ObamaCare was first conceived, Nancy Pelosi wanted people to go to jail if they didn’t pay the fines for not buying healthcare. That was only ObamaCare. What Cortez wants will be much worse and will require fines or imprisonment for those who are forced to pay for everyone else.


A recent study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University found that Medicare-for-All would cost American taxpayers $32.6 trillion over 10 years. The United States takes in $3.6 trillion revenue each year. Do the math.

She wants to introduce other bills to build their basically Communist movement around.

O-Cortez has already explained some of her entitlement state goals from free medical leave, free college and vocational school, free housing, to no prisons, no borders, no capitalism too. Oh, and ICE must go.

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