Upcoming SCOTUS Case That Could Forever Alter the Balance of Political Power


On Monday morning, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Gill v. Whitford, a blockbuster case that could dramatically and permanently alter the political future of this country.

In the past, the court has struck down election maps as racial gerrymanders that disadvantaged minority voters. But it has never disallowed a map on political grounds.

Justice Anthony Kennedy is in the middle on the issue. Some say the court should stay out of political disputes. Others say gerrymandering is unconstitutional.

Both political parties have engaged in gerrymandering but the Republicans currently have the advantage. They have had victories in state legislatures that allow lawmakers to draw election maps favoring their party.

This particular case started when Republicans gained complete control of Wisconsin’s government in 2010 for the first time in more than 40 years. It was a redistricting year and they rearranged the maps.

In 2012, Republicans won 48.6 percent of the statewide vote for Assembly candidates but captured 60 of the Assembly’s 99 seats. In 2014, 52 percent of the vote yielded 63 seats.

Last year, a divided three-judge Federal District Court panel ruled that Republicans had gone too far. The map was designed to make it more difficult for Democrats, the judges ruled.

That is the case being heard.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder are spearheading the effort to end the practice

The left will argue that it deprives minorities of their votes and it violates free speech by categorizing people according to their beliefs.

The left wanted the case to reach the SCOTUS while Justice Kennedy sits on the bench. It gives them a clear advantage they might not have in the future.

Democrats have almost all the advantages

The Democrats have poured left-wing foreigners into the country to make the nation into a one party nation. Democrats also have the advantage in presidential elections in the states where majority rules in their electoral votes. They will now get to erase another possible advantage.

At the same time, George Soros is funding efforts to buy judge seats as well as prosecutors, sheriffs and other races. The race taking place tomorrow in Newt Gingrich’s old district in Georgia is being funded by George Soros groups, Hollywood, and liberals in the coasts. More than 95% of the money being poured into the Democrat who doesn’t even live in the district comes from outside the district and the state. Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate, has been given an astounding $24 million in donations.

The fact is that the majority of the American electorate are supportive of left-wing causes thanks to the media and the education system. If they all came out to vote, we might never see a Republican in office again.

“If everybody in this country voted,”€ the economist John Kenneth Galbraith said, “€the Democrats would be in for the next 100 years.”

There’s evidence this is the case. Liberals don’t turn out for midterm elections and that’s when Republicans win. This is the reason Barack Obama wants mandatory voter registration and mandatory voting.

The real battle isn’t the elections, it’s the culture and Democrats control it in entertainment, the media, and the schools.

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