Upset About Kate Steinle? This Happens All the Time, Look at This 20-Year Old Cali Missionary


Trae Oyler, 20, of Tieton, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting Oct. 26, 2016, in Yakima.

Yakima County sheriff’s deputies found Saul Llamas Rios behind the wheel of a minivan parked at a Naches church on a warm August evening in 2016. He was passed out and reeking of alcohol — with a loaded .38 revolver tucked into his waistband.

Just down the road was a damaged mailbox he reportedly struck while driving. Rios, 28, attempted to reach for his gun when ordered out of the minivan, but one deputy already had his weapon drawn, and Rios complied after being warned, according to Yakima County District Court records.

He was booked, released after posting $2500 bail.

In a plea agreement on Sept. 19, 2016, Rios was convicted of hit-and-run property damage and sentenced to 90 days in jail with 89 days suspended and charged a $43 conviction fee.

The driving and gun charges were dropped because Rios forfeited the .38, which had not been reported stolen, Brusic said.

By October , he killed a 20-year old missionary named Trae Oyler for no reason.

There was an arrest warrant out for him dating back to 2012. Allegedly, that was not known because he used two names. His other name was Jose Cabrera.

The Yakima County Department of Corrections Chief Scott Himes at first said he wasn’t alerted to any warrants, then he said thee offenses weren’t extraditable. There were other inconsistencies in what the Chief said.

The reason that is extremely important is because this nomadic gang member was a very bad dude and if he had been in jail where he belonged, he wouldn’t have been able to shoot a 20-year old missionary for absolutely no reason at all.

The Chief knew about his misdemeanors, of that we are certain.

Almost 600 mourners gathered to remember Oyler, who was a missionary student and belonged to Old German Baptist Brethren Church, New Conference, in Pennsylvania.

As Jose Cabrera, he was wanted for two felony warrants concerning firearms and assault. The same people who want to take our guns, don’t prosecute gun crimes very well.

The crime Rios committed as Cabrera was to pull a sawed-off shotgun on another man during a fight in 2012 in a traitor park. The gun went off but no one was hurt.

The day before that incident, he choked and kicked his girlfriend, leaving her injured. He promised to kill her.

Those warrants were put in the National Crime Information Center database on October 30, 2015.

Before those crimes, Rios was convicted of possession of an illegal weapon — a dagger.

His criminal history dated back to 2006 when at 17, he was under the influence when he stole a truck.

Rios’ past never entered into his last arrest and he was back out on the street to shoot into the car the 20-year old missionary was driving with three other missionaries. He didn’t know Oyler, he just decided to kill him.

Trae Oyler was murdered for absolutely no reason. His father said he was with God and whatever decision the courts came up with would be okay with him.

Rios didn’t know why he shot the young man. He’s charged with murder.

Read the timeline on this link.

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