Upside Down World: CSU Tells Students to Call Campus Police on Immigration Officials


University administrators in California have a call out to students to contact campus police if government officials ask for information about immigration status of anyone on campus.

Since Donald Trump was elected, Gavin Newsom, who hopes to be the next governor of California, and University of California chancellor Janet Napolitano, insisted that the campuses become sanctuaries.

Law enforcement made it clear in December that they only go onto campuses in the most egregious cases.

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement considers schools –including universities and colleges – “sensitive locations,” where they will not act unless “exigent circumstances exist.”

They would only go onto the campus in only the most “extraordinary” cases.

Last Wednesday, the Chancellor of California State University, re-emphasized that the campus is a sanctuary for even these, the most “extraordinary” cases.

This was in response to the Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly issuing two memoranda announcing the order for deportation of criminal aliens. In other words, he ordered law enforcement to follow one section of immigration law.

California State University (CSU) Chancellor Timothy White issued a memo to the school community Wednesday claiming  “sanctuary campus” policies forbidding cooperation with immigration enforcement and deportation efforts.

“We do advise any member of our CSU community – students, faculty and staff – who is approached while on campus by federal, state or local officials asking for information or documentation regarding immigration status, to immediately contact the University Police Department,” the Chancellor wrote.

The memo was shared everywhere by university administrators throughout the system.

What is wrong with these people? They simply will not follow the law. They are completely lawless.

The order from a university official is to ignore law enforcement. Police are not to cooperate with ICE either.

As I announced previously last summer, CSU’s flexible systemwide set of policy guidelines are intended to remove the CSU from the enforcement of federal immigration laws. CSU’s policy is that, unless otherwise required by law, we will not enter into agreements with law enforcement agencies for the purpose of enforcing federal immigration laws. Our university police departments will not honor immigration hold requests, and our university police will not contact, detain, question, or arrest individuals solely on the basis of being – or suspected of being – a person who lacks documentation. This important CSU policy has not changed and is not impacted by Secretary Kelly’s memoranda, and these memoranda do not affect the policies or practice of the CSU and our university police departments.

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