Urgent: Obama Tells States They Can’t Block His Immigration Order


Urgent: Contact Your Governor

Obama claims his unconstitutional immigration order is unreviewable. He has also BANNED PUBLIC INPUT.

While we are watching the events in Paris, twenty-five states, that have sued to block Barack Obama’s executive order allowing millions of illegals to stay in the U.S., have been told by the federal government that it is above judicial review.

The Dictator is not only ignoring Congress, he is ignoring the courts and he is trampling states’ rights. His goal is to destroy the co-equal branches of government and the constitutional protections against a rogue president.

It is not hyperbole to call him a dictator. He is dictating.

On immigration, he has told the American people they can no longer decide who will enter the country – he is the one who will decide. He is taking away our rightful inheritance as Americans and he is destroying our system with his big government, globalist and multicultural ideology.

The states are trying to block the order and it is being played out in federal court in Brownsville, Texas.

The illegal immigrants will shortly be given work permits, some federal benefits including Social Security and Medicare.

Why are they eligible for these funds? By 2016, Social Security will be out of money.

The administration claims the policy is “challengeable by no plaintiff, reviewable by no court, and subject to no public input,” lawyers for the states said in an 88-page filing. The last U.S. president to take this stance was Harry Truman, and the Supreme Court blocked executive orders he issued during a steelworkers’ labor dispute in 1952, the states said.

“This court should respond likewise,” the states said. “Only the courts can prevent the executive’s self-aggrandizement.”

DHS is trying to get the case dismissed.

While the executive order gives amnesty to about 4 million, far more will get through based on the fact that Obama has sent out his dog whistle to government agencies to not properly screen applicants. The application form is a joke. There will be criminal background checks but only on crimes committed in the United States.

The states claim they have the legal right to challenge the executive order because they have to spend “hundreds of millions of dollars on health, education and law-enforcement programs” that will be strained by a new wave of immigrants encouraged to enter the U.S. illegally because of the new policy.

There will be a hearing on Jan. 15.

The case is Texas v. U.S., 1:14-254, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas (Brownsville).

Source: Bloomberg

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