US Attorney Durham Wants All of Brennan’s Records from the CIA


U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is working with Attorney General Bill Barr on the origins of the Russia-Trump hoax, asked the CIA for the emails, call logs and other documents of former CIA Director John Brennan, according to the NY Times.

Durham wants to know what Brennan told others, including former FBI director James Comey about the CIA’s opinion of the fake dossier and of Trump associates in connection with the Russia interference investigation.

According to the Times source(s), Durham is looking into whether or not Brennan’s private comments contradict his public comments, including his May 2017 testimony to Congress about the dossier or any debate about the conclusions of Russia’s interference.


That is all the information so far, but it is our contention that if anyone committed crimes, John O. Brennan would be high on our list.

The NY Times also suggested the President is using the Justice Department to prove his accusations against Brennan. That is a lie — pure propaganda — in case they do find something, they want to be sure they are well-prepared for their demonization of the AG and the U.S. Attorney.

The Attorney General operates independently and is just trying to get to the truth, which seems quite elusive. For some reason, Inspector General Mike Horowitz couldn’t get to it.

The Attorney General recently told Martha MacCallum in an interview that he didn’t know U.S. Attorney John Durham until he appointed him. What he did know is that his reputation for fairness is legendary.

Much of the Times article is aimed at justifying all their prior reporting aimed at attacking the President.

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