US Conference of Bishops Call for More Obama-Style Immigration


US Conference of Bishops

Invoking Pope Francis, The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is calling for the U.S. to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees this year. This isn’t something we should ignore because one-third of Americans and 1.2 billion people worldwide are Roman Catholic. It’s not only the call for refugees who can’t be vetted, it’s the insistence that only criminals and terrorists should be deported.

That’s an invitation for more illegal immigration.

The Roman Catholic church is a global religious organization that helps everyone without consideration of race, color or creed.

Without considering the dangers of the Islamic State and their promise to infiltrate through the refugees. In Lebanon alone, the Education Minister said there were 20,000 jihadis in their Syrian refugee camps.

About 30 percent of the more than 500,000 “Syrian” refugees pretend to be Syrian but actually come from different countries, Tobias Plate, an Interior Ministry spokesman, said at the end of September.

Official data suggests 87 percent of Syrian refugees get asylum in Germany and Syrians get asylum faster. The business of forged Syrian passports and IDs being sold for less than $1,000 apiece is flourishing.

Still they want a 100,000 this year alone.

We can’t vet them.

Mr. Steinbach, representing the FBI, testified they can’t properly vet the refugees because there is a “lack of information.” FBI Director Jim Comey has said the same.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops received just under $80 million in 2014 from the federal government for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration Fund. Their total budget according to the 2014-MRS-Annual-Report is $85 million. They ran a deficit of $393,178 with almost $70 million being spent on Diocesan programs and direct assistance.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops website states their position:

They “‘accept the legitimate role of the U.S. government in enforcing immigration laws. However, USCCB opposes ‘enforcement only’ immigration policies and supports instead comprehensive immigration reform which includes an enforcement component. In Strangers No Longer, the U.S. Catholic Bishops outlined the elements of their proposal for comprehensive immigration reform. These include: earned legalization; a future worker program; family‐based immigration reform; restoration of due process rights; addressing root causes of migration; and enforcement measures which adhere to the following three principles.'”

The also believe that with all the enforcement, the U.S. has not stopped the flow of illegal immigration and the foregoing paragraph is their solution.

Family-based immigration reform is chain migration. Expecting the U.S. to solve the root causes of migration while continuing the big welfare state we have set up luring them in is unreasonable.

Their website says this:

“U.S. enforcement interventions and resources should be narrowly‐tailored, focusing on the dangerous and criminal elements. U.S. enforcement should not rely upon ethnic and racial profiling and should not be so overly broad as to curtail basic rights. Improvements in intelligence, information sharing, and border security technology would help ensure that those who are most dangerous—smugglers, human traffickers, and terrorists‐‐‐are intercepted.”

If we only target dangerous and criminal elements, isn’t that pretty much open borders?

As a Catholic, I don’t want to criticize them, especially if they are trying to help others, however, their views are in line with Barack Obama’s and he has no regard for our sovereignty, our freedom or our culture. Where are the Conservative bishops?

Since they are a global organization and they are religious, perhaps their views on immigration should be enthusiastically ignored because we can’t have massive illegal immigration and a huge welfare state and a global jihad at the same time.

What do you think about all this?



  1. As a Roman Catholic, I’m compelled to say that Roman Catholic bishops are not equipped to deal with the real world burdens that are the responsibility of US federal and state officials who are answerable to their constituents. Bishops are motivated only by moral considerations which exclude the more rational economic and legal considerations. The bishops have the same right as any other citizen to express their opinions, but these opinions do not, of course represent the views of all US Catholics nor do they command the adherence of US Catholics to their expressed opinions. There is no Church doctrine of infallibility extended to bishops. Even Papal infallibility is a rarely invoked doctrine and is limited in scope to matters of “faith and morals”. Moreover, the Church has more often invoked the doctrine of “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God, the things that are God’s”. Therefore, US political leaders should regard the views of the Catholic Bishops or even the Pope as friendly advice from well-meaning people, but not a viewpoint that they have any obligation to follow more than any other group of ordinary US citizens of similar size or numbers.

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