US Bears Distinction of Sending Olympic Athletes Who Embarrass America


The dignity of the winter Olympics is not represented well by a few of our U.S. athletes. The U.S. has the unique distinction of having the only athletes who go to the Olympics and embarrass their nation.

U.S. speed skater Shani Davis lost the coin toss to be the flag bearer at the Olympics. Therefore, he skipped the opening ceremonies in a hissy fit. He felt he deserved to be the flag bearer because of who he is. To him, the coin flip is an indignity.

The whiner suggested it was racist.

Wouldn’t giving it to him be politicizing the role?

He’s not alone. Skier Lindsey Vonn has already declared her unwillingness to be honored at the White House because she doesn’t like the President.

But, perhaps, the worst behavior comes from the incessant battering of the Vice President by two Olympians who don’t represent the nation or LGBTs very well.


Two gay Olympians have decided to trash the Vice President of the United States while representing the United States. The VP believes marriage is between a man and a woman. He also supports the religious right to believe that.

Freeskier Gus Kenworthy posted an Instagram of himself with figure skater Adam Rippon with the caption, ‘Eat your heart out Pence”.

Pence is leading the Olympic delegation and has reached out to them.

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