US Doesn’t Have the Weapons Right Now to Give Ukraine


According to The New York Times, the United States is having difficulties delivering all its promised weaponry to Ukraine. An American official stated that not all promised weapons are immediately available.

Weapons pledged by the United States, Britain, and Germany — all of which have announced major new military support over the last three weeks — could take months to arrive in numbers substantial enough to bolster Ukraine’s defenses on the battlefield, officials said.

It could be summer or later.

One American official said most of the larger weapons that were financed by the new U.S. aid, and even some of the ammunition, would be shipped from the United States and most likely not be delivered until well into the summer — or even later. The U.S. official also spoke on the condition of anonymity.

We don’t even have the weapons.

Complicating matters, not all the weapons that have been promised are immediately available.

The U.S. official noted that it would take time to sort out which items could be given to Ukraine without depleting NATO units that need to be combat-ready, such as those that use Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and Humvee personnel carriers that were part of the American package. Other arms, like the 155-millimeter artillery rounds that Ukraine desperately needs, are in short supply worldwide.

Additionally, Ukrainian troops need training to use some weapons before they can be transferred, like the third German donation of a Patriot system that was announced on April 13.

Time is needed to determine what can be transferred to Ukraine without weakening NATO units, which must maintain combat readiness.

The law on assistance to foreign allies signed by US President Joe Biden provides for allocating $61 billion to Ukraine to continue its standoff with Russia. However, only a portion of this amount will be used for arming Ukraine.

It is now a well-known fact that most of the money stays in the US to feather nests.

The US has taken on the full responsibility of fueling the Ukraine war as more and more Ukrainians and Russians die. It’s not for democracy. Europe doesn’t do anywhere near what we are doing, and it’s their continent, and their WEF country.

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