US Doles Out $250k to Teach Rwandans How to Lobby Their Dictators


Rwandan President Kagyrantama

Rwanda is a s***hole country that has made some progress since the monstrous genocide of two decades ago. It’s still an awful place under tyrannical rule.

There is no press freedom and no political freedom. The country is famous for human rights abuses. The dictator President Paul Kagame was given a third term with 99 percent of the vote. Another referendum allowed him to be President until 2034, Fox Lexington reported. It sounds like a place Brenda Snipes should go for her next job counting ballots.

The USA has given them millions that undoubtedly end up in the pocket of the dictators. In our infinite wisdom, the USA recently awarded a grant of between $200,000 to $250,000 to teach Civil Society Organizations in Rwanda how to lobby their elected officials, or in more specific terms “To understand and engage in the government budget process.”

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., called the grant a waste of taxpayer money.

“We’ve got a trillion dollar deficit this year. I just don’t think we have the moral high ground to tell the Rwandans how to budget or how to lobby or how to run their government,” he said.

We are wasting money. We are also rewarding bad behavior. Kagame and his crew must have many a laugh over it.

The State Department refused to be interviewed but issued this statement:

“The Department of State’s outreach and programs in support of fiscal transparency are crucial to strengthening good governance in Rwanda and around the world. Fiscal transparency is a critical element of effective public financial management, helps in building market confidence and underpins economic sustainability. It fosters greater government accountability by providing a window into government budgets for citizens, helping citizens to hold their leadership accountable and facilitating better-informed public debate. Our annual fiscal transparency reviews provide opportunities for dialogue with governments on the importance of fiscal transparency.

Have you ever heard a bigger load of codswallop?

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